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Harvest Festival Was Held in Bulgaria

29 June 2020

Last week, an event dedicated to the start of the harvesting campaign was held in Bulgaria. The festival Program included a field display of Rostselmash agricultural machines. Following the demo display, the company’s machines went directly to country farms.

European farmers watched operation of machines from 3rd to 8th classes. The most attention was drawn by grain harvesters TORUM 770, NOVA and RSM 161.

- TORUM 770 can operate in all grain-producing regions of the country. 

With various adapters, it is used to harvest grain and headed crops, grain legumes, sunflower and corn for grain. “This machine has no rivals when used in farms with large sown areas”, commented the representative of the Rostselmash dealer.

Following the event, capabilities of the agricultural machines allowed for demonstration threshing almost irrespective of the weather, thus proving that the combines perform perfectly in any agroclimatic conditions. High weediness of the field, high humidity, soft soil, low stalk crops, or, vice versa, high straw content, lodged crops, immature or overripe grain — all those conditions of the field demonstrations emphasised the technical value of Rostselmash machines.