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Rostselmash demonstrating its agricultural machines in Bulgaria

17 July 2020

A demonstration of Rostselmash machines was held in the North of Bulgaria. The growers and guests had the chance to see the RSM 161 grain harvester.

A dealer representative notes that according to the result of wheat harvesting the machine produced a good impression and farmers are considering its purchase.

The RSM 161 grain harvester is designed for harvesting all traditional grain crops — spiked cereals, bean cultures, oil plants, cereal and arable crops. This is an efficient machine with an output up to 40 tonnes per hour (basic time), capable of cutting crops in the area of up to 2000 ha per season.

The combination of unrivalled TETRA Processor threshing system, 6 walkers, OptiFlow cleaning shoe and a number of other innovations recognized by 22 patents guarantees the machine will keep going where other harvesters stumble.

Below is the key features:

- can operate in very damp crops;

- high performance up to 40 Mtph.

- perfectly clean grain;

- easy to adjust and operate;

- state-of-the-art control system;

- versatile (different crops);

- comfortable;

- easy to service;

- efficient.