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Rostselmash F Series Forage Harvesters: Make Provisions for Transportation

20 July 2020

RSM F series forage harvesters are Rostselmash's response to the demands of livestock producers for high-quality, succulent forage in the shortest possible time. The product range includes four machines: RSM F 1300; RSM F 2450, RSM F 2550 and RSM F.

RSM F 1300 Forage Harvester

RSM F 1300 is the junior machine in the range, equipped with a 430 HP Cummins L9 (St V) engine and a fuel tank of 540 litres. The machine can process up to 18,000 kg of silage to be placed in storage. The combine can be hitched with a 6-row continuous cutting header, a 5m grass header or a pickup with a width of 3m or 4m.

The feeder with mechanically driven rollers allows step-by-step changing of cutting lengths either 4 / 7 / 10 / 17 mm or 8 / 14 / 20 / 34 mm with half set of knives. The knife sharpening system is semi-automatic and is operated from the cab, the automatic system is available as an option.

The kernel processor is started by a hydraulic drive in the semi-automatic mode, the operation takes three minutes only. Preservatives are fed from 2 tanks of 10 litres each (bio-preservatives) and a tank of 390 litres for diluted preparations.

RSM F 1300 is equipped with a Comfort Cab with the Adviser II information system.

RSM F 2450 | 2550 | 2650 Forage Harvesters

RSM F 2450 is equipped with a 455 HP OM 471LA engine; RSM F 2550 and RSM F 2650 are equipped with OM 473LA engine of 537 HP and 611 HP respectively. All machines have 1,500 L fuel tanks, an automated central lubrication system.

These powerful combines have excellent ergonomics and high intelligence. All work functions are fully automated. Machines can be hitched with 6(4.5m)-, 8(6m)-, 10(7.5m)-row continuous cutting maize headers, 6m grass headers, 3m and 4m pickups.

The hydraulically driven feeder allows stepless changing of cutting lengths on the move in within 2 to 22 mm with a full set of blades and within 4 to 44 mm with a half set of blades. The knife sharpening system, the shear bar feed are automatic.

Installation of the kernel processor or the grass chute in the channel is fully automated; it is performed on command from the cab and takes two seconds only (!). The gap between the rollers is adjusted automatically as well. The combine is equipped with a 30L tanks for bio-preparations and a 390L tank for diluted preservatives.

RSM F 2450 | 2550 | 2650 are equipped with Comfort Cab II with a Adviser III information system and a remote monitoring system.

Common and Distinctive

All RSM F series machines have some common features:a hydrostatic transmission;a 4-roller feeder with a width of 680 mm with a stone metal detector (autostart) and a system for longitudinal and transverse ground contour following in the field;a cutterhead, 630mm in diameter and 703mm long, with 48 blades in herringbone configuration and the possibility to remove half of the set;a cutterhead and a crop booster are direct-driven from the engine shaft;an automatic adjustments of drum bottom clearance;a slider corn cracker (kernel processor) with a roll diameter of 190mm and a speed difference of 20%, which does not require removal;a universal system for preservatives application with three delivery points – on the feeder rollers (path flushing with water), in the crop accelerator (bio-preparations) and at the end of the silage duct (aggressive concentrates).

The combination of these solutions determines the final quality of forage prepared for storage. Thanks to the direct drive of the cutterhead and crop accelerator from the engine shaft, their operation is synchronized which has positive effect on the process in general. The new sharpening system makes it possible to perform it twice as fast as on the machines of previous series. 4 rows of blades align the crop material perfectly, which has positive effect on chopping quality. The universal preparation application system in combination with a wide range of cutting length adjustment allows the most flexible approach to product preservation, depending on the crop and moisture content.

You can fine more detailed information about RSM F combines in Rostselmash web-site. You can also contact the manufacturer’s dealer and ask any questions you have.