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ACROS 595 Plus Grain Harvester: traditional machine with great capabilities

27 July 2020

The weather during harvest is full of surprises, but unfortunately this does not relieve the harvest timing constraints. Therefore, equipment must be truly high-performance, efficient and flexible for operation in a wide range of yield and field conditions. These properties can be found in grain harvesters of ACROS series by Rostselmash with traditional threshing and separation system. And the series’ flagship, ACROS 595 Plus, is especially popular with medium and large farms.

No wonder the owners of vast areas and rich fields prefer this very modification. This machine has almost 10% higher output than its low-end kin, ACROS 585, with practically the same fuel consumption. Its cleaning system is 50% more efficient.

ACROS 595 Plus features a 248kW (337 hp) Cummins QSL9 engine meeting the advanced emission standards of Stage IV. The engine is coupled with a powerful 3-speed hydrostatic transmission. The fuel tank can hold 510L, and this will be enough for 12 hours of operation on average. The machine comes with ergonomic Comfort Cab II and Adviser III voice information system. The operator’s station is very comfortable, safe and ergonomic.

It all starts with the header and feeder house

ACROS 595 Plus can be coupled with 5-9m POWER STREAM headers, 7 & 9m FLOAT STREAM soybean (low-cutting) adapters, 6-9m rape attachments, 6 & 8-row ARGUS and FALСON corn and sunflower heads, Swa Pick pickups 3.4 or 4.3m wide.

The feeder house ensures high initial performance of the machine and convenient working environment for the operator. Its features:

electrohydraulic contour following system - this allows the full adapter cutting width to be utilised, increases harvesting quality, reduces operator’s fatigue;

extended design produces a more even material flow to the thresher and gives the operator a good visibility of the adapter cutting mechanism;

no front beater - no need to convert to operate in tilled crops;

adaptors are easier to place on, and remove from, the trailer.

Besides, an accelerator beater is installed at the outlet of the feeder house. This is beneficial in that it produces a well spread yet accelerated crop flow entering the thresher. This reduces dynamic load on the cylinder while increasing cylinder throughput.

Gentle threshing

Minimum cracked grain and up to 95% of grain separated already in the thresher - this is how the ACROS 595 Plus works. As all machines in the series, it is equipped with a 1,480mm long heavy threshing cylinder with 800 mm diameter, with 130 deg. concave wrap angle, and impressive 1.38 m2 of threshing and primary separation area. This means that it inherits an outstanding family feature of Rostselmash cylinder-type machines, this being the smooth material flow path and longer residence of heads in the threshing area. It is due to the features of the threshing unit that make the threshing thorough yet gentle and the combine able to operate in fields with challenging crop conditions. the threshing cylinder gear case comes in base.

Thorough separation and cleaning

The separation system of the machine copes brilliantly with the task of saving all harvest up to a single grain from the straw. To get such results, the engineers have increased walker length (compared to other models in the series) to 4,200 mm, getting a separation area of 6.3 m2. Five walkers with high step difference aggressively shake the, providing excellent performance even in wet crops. Lengthwise slots facilitate grain sieving through the straw walkers.

Cleaning system of the ACROS 595 Plus delivers grain with minimum weed content to the tank. Compared to the previous model,ACROS 580, this model has some specifics:

sieve area increased almost by 10% to 5.2 m2;

in-cab electrical adjustment of sieves;

fanned pre-sieve available; and

2-section fan.

A powerful fan produces an air flow over the grain mat which force does not vary with sieve load.

Quick unloading and product protection

The ACROS 595 Plus can unload all or some of the grain at a maximum speed without bridging, without spilling. Moreover, it can protect the product and unload it with the thresher switched off.

The grain tank with filling sensors and sampler can hold 9,000L of grain. And should rain or strong wind suddenly start, it can be covered by a special curtain while waiting for the transport vehicle without worry. With 90 L/min unload rate, the grain tank can be emptied in two minutes, while hydropulsators prevent bridging of grain with moisture content up to 30%.

No worry if the vehicle cannot hold all the product. The grain tank features a Smart Launch system which ensures separate serial actuation of cross and unloading augers. This means unloading can be done in portions of any size. Another two major advantages of the Smart Launch are:

It reduces the risk of unloader failure due to overload when started.

It prevents grain spills, as the unloading tube will be cleared of the product before folding.

Standard and extended (4.50/5.70 m long, respectively) unloading auger allows for easy grain unloading into any vehicle (with unloading height of 4.30/4.70 m) if the width of mounted attachments permits.

Material other than grain

The combine is equipped with a windrower, 2-speed straw chopper/spreader (1800/3400 rpm, 76 knives), and chaff spreader. Therefore, MOG can be chopped and spread or windrowed, now in the forward direction of travel. The chaff spreader can be removed if required.

These are not all of the machine’s benefits and features. For more details on the ACROS 595 Plus and purchase and servicing conditions, contact Rostselmash dealers.

Starting from 2020, all ACROS 595 Plus machines come with Argotronic remote monitoring system for remote monitoring of the combine operations and performance.