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Rostselmash supplied the first batch of NOVA grain harvesters to Ethiopia

26 August 2020

One more point, Ethiopia, is now on Rostselmash’s world map. Therefore, the company continues following its strategy of development, while opening new countries and markets every year. Ethiopia was marked as a 2020 business goal within this strategy. "Nowadays, we supply our machinery to 36 countries on a regular basis. On the African continent alone, Rostselmash cooperates with the growers from 6 countries: Angola, Algeria, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Sudan, South Africa. Now, the first six NOVA grain harvesters are available for Ethiopian growers as well," Maksim Nakhabo, Director, Marketing Department, says. 

Maksim Maksimov, Director for Sales to New Markets, Rostselmash, said that the plans of cooperation with Ethiopia were shaped up a year ago in the course of negotiations and signature of a dealer contract with one of the largest suppliers of specialised machinery. The agricultural machines in this company’s product portfolio were still represented by light-duty tractors and trailed equipment, however, the Ethiopian company intends to develop this area properly, betting on Rostselmash grain harvesting machines. 

"We see our good prospects in this market segment and ample resources in the cooperation with the Russian manufacturer. Together with Rostselmash, we will be able to provide the farmers of our country with advanced agricultural technologies at an affordable price," the dealer’s representative said. He also noted that, when selecting a business partner, they had considered the quality of products, the quotation, and the service and marketing policy. 

A batch of Rostselmash harvesters is currently in the Arabian port of the Republic of Djibouti, from where it will be sent to the dealer and then to the end users, that is Ethiopian farmers. "All the machines have already been bought out from the dealer. They are being waited for in the farms that are getting ready for the grain harvesting season, it will start at the end of September or the beginning of October," Maksim Maksimov said. Also, in the coming days, the Russian manufacturer plans to give an online training for the customer service personnel where it will explain how to set up and operate NOVA grain harvesters. All necessary video materials have been sent to the dealer.