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Trailed and Mounted Machinery by Rostselmash Subdues France

31 August 2020

In the near future, the SUN STREAM series of universal rowless headers will go to Burgundy farmers to raise efficiency in sunflower production. 

According to Rosspetsmash Association, in the first 7 months of 2020, export of agricultural machinery manufactured in Russia increased by 23% compared to the same period in 2019. Specifically, supplies to France increases by 20%. 

The annual growth of domestic agricultural machinery export since 2013, as noted by Rosspetsmash representatives, is due to high competitiveness and greater economic efficiency of machinery from Russia, market launch of new innovative products with their adaptation to work in different conditions and on complex agricultural backgrounds. 

For instance, the universal rowless headers of SUN STREAM series are distinguished by a set of technical solutions that put them in line with the best world analogues. The headers allow harvesting regardless of row spacing, direction of sowing and variety characteristics. The special design of lifting guards enables easy penetration into the sunflower mass, its division into separate streams and continuous supply of sunflower heads to the feeder house with a minimum length of stem residues. And thanks to the interchangeable frame SUN STREAM attachments can work with combines of any brand. 

In France, as well as in most European countries, they mostly cultivate high-yield hybrid sunflower varieties, harvesting of which requires increased capacity resource and reliability of the header. Therefore, after getting acquainted with Rostselmash products, the Burgundian partner of Pulve Import 21 chose SUN STREAM models with elongated dividers and pulling shaft located under the knife bar without any hesitation. These machines are designed with hybrids in mind and allow to completely prevent stems from entering the grain tank by cutting the sunflower heads at their base. This reduces the load on the combine and significantly improves the quality of the crop. 

In the near future Russian headers will go to French farmers to raise efficiency in sunflower production.