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First: Rostselmash held a live demo of the smart combine

23 September 2020


A unique event took place today in the Belgorod region - the first demonstration of the TORUM smart combine harvester for soybean harvesting. The Rostselmash grain harvester worked in one of the divisions of the agro-Belogorye group of companies in the Prokhorovsky district. Participants of the event got an idea of new digital technologies, innovative engineering solutions of Rostselmash in the field of machine vision, Autonomous movement, artificial intelligence, monitoring and analysis of big data, which allow achieving high efficiency of agricultural production.

In particular, TORUM demonstrated self-driving and cleaning using the first hybrid car driving system developed by Rostselmash (movement and u-turn with the Reaper raised at the end of the rut was carried out on the basis of high-precision navigation technology up to 2.5 cm), automatic identification and stopping in front of an obstacle based on machine vision technology. The operator of the car was outside the cab. The dumping of the Rostselmash smart combine was held as part of the forum "precision farming systems", which was attended by representatives of the government of the Belgorod region and key agricultural holdings of the Chernozem region. In addition to the TORUM unmanned combine harvester, other modern models of Rostselmash combines and tractors were shown at the event.

The forum on precision agriculture was opened by the Deputy Governor of the Belgorod region - head of the Department of agriculture and environmental reproduction Yulia Shchedrin. "Digitalization of agriculture is a strategic direction for the development of the agro - industrial complex of the Belgorod region. One of its most important components is unmanned equipment, which eliminates losses associated with the human factor. And the Rostselmash company showed us such equipment today," the Deputy Governor said. Yulia Shchedrina also noted the high demand for Rostselmash agricultural machines from agricultural producers in the region: over the past 5 years, Belgorod farms have purchased hundreds of the company's combines and tractors. "The fleet of equipment of Belgorod farmers is regularly replenished with these machines and will continue to be replenished next year," she said.

On behalf of Rostselmash, the forum's guests were welcomed by Valery, General Director Maltsev. He spoke about the work that the company's specialists have done in the last two years in the field of electronic systems and the immediate prospects in this direction. "Today we present the newest system by a driving of Agratronix Pilot. On the forum the company will present not so much the technique, but the intellectual system. All our efforts are aimed at making the work of machine operators easier and improving the work of agricultural enterprises, so it is important for us not only to tell about our systems, but also to get feedback," said Valery Maltsev, General Director of Rostselmash. Farmers could evaluate the capabilities of Rostselmash electronic systems both by being present in the field and on Internet platforms: for the first time, the work of an unmanned vehicle was broadcast live.