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Rostselmash equipment was awarded a golden logo of the “Russia’s 100 Best Products” contest

28 December 2020

A new forage harvester by Rostselmash continues to win prestigious awards. Some days ago it became known about the thumping victory of RSM F 2650 in the “Russia’s 100 Best Products” Federal Program contest. The machine won the title of laureate and a golden logo of the program. Two more machines of the company – KSU 1 and RSM TS-6200/36 SPUTNIK – were among the diploma winners and received silver logos.

When summing up the results of the “Industrial and Technology Products” nomination, the contest commission drew attention to the convenience and safety of the products design for consumers, as well as the materials used for their manufacture; an extensive service system; machines and equipment efficiency and their lower price compared to the counterparts from other brands; availability of a certified quality management system.

For Rostselmash, winning the “Russia’s 100 Best Products” contest confirms the company’s commitment to the main principles of Quality Management and the leading role of Quality Policy in its activities.

According to experts, consistent winners in the federal contest are the companies that choose an innovative path of development and implement modern forms and methods of technical regulation. It is no coincidence that companies such as Rostselmash have been among the winners for many years.

The ultra powerful RSM F 2650 forage harvester, developed based on the global Rostselmash platform, is specially designed for high-yielding fields and is the best choice for large agricultural enterprises with a need for high-quality forage in large volumes. This machine incorporates the best engineering solutions in the industry, thus it is high-performance, economical, simple, and smart at the same time. How efficient is this machine? In accordance with MIS specialists in case of efficiently organized logistics with one combine only the silage pit can be filled within 1-2 days. Yet, it will require 5-6 heavy duty trucks.

KSU-1 All-Crop Self-Propelled Mower is a multifunctional agrotechnical complex that performs a wide range of agricultural tasks. It allows mowing and windrowing spiked cereals, grain legumes and cereal crops; mowing, conditioning and chopping forage grasses in a highly cost-effective manner. Powerful, manoeuvrable 
and versatile, it is ideal for the farms that widely use the windrowing method of harvesting and grow livestock.

RSM TS-6200 SPUTNIK trailed sprayer is a new high-performance complex in the Rostselmash line of products. This machine is designed for plant protection and liquid fertilization. The control of any workflow, from adjusting the boom position to spraying the solution, is carried out by means of remote controls from the tractor cab. The working speed may reach 15 km/h, which guarantees high productivity of the unit.