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Rostselmash Machines Riding High In Tunisia

20 February 2021


The manufacturer is considering the prospects of launching a production site to assemble trailed and mounted implements in the North of Africa

A team from the Rostselmash’s Trailed and Mounted Implements Division has gone on a visit to Tunisia. This time the aim was to discuss supplies of Rostselmash equipment to this African republic. Another topic of equal importance was the prospects of setting up an assembly site that would be making Rostselmash equipment in Tunisia.

 “Farming has seen a good deal of progress recently in Africa. Land is used for cattle raising, growing of grain crops, fruits.  The country’s agrarian sector is gaining ever increasing social and economic weight, yielding 12% of GDP and providing employment for 16% of the workforce in the country,” commented Tunisia Farmers Association President Ines Nagara during the meeting with the Russian team.

She said that the demand for good farming equipment from African farmers is growing higher every year.  But there is one thing - 80% of agricultural lands in the country are very small, sized between 1 and 8 hectares, 20% of lands measure up to 250 ha.  That’s why Rostselmash’s trailed and mounted implements would sell here particularly well.

Rostselmash is planning to send about 50 units of its trailed and mounted implements to Tunisia in 2021.

Munir Bin Sahria, CEO of KASAROK in Tunisia, said that partnering with the Rostselmash’s Trailed and Mounted Implements Division is a strategic topic for his companies.

He owns 3 production sites in Beja, 70 km from the capital of Tunisia, with a total floorspace of 61,000 sq.m, with 10,000 sq.m of enclosed workshops, there are offices for engineers, process planners and administration staff at all the sites.

It is here where the joint production together with Rostselmash will be deployed.

Trailed and mounted implements that will be manufactured and assembled together with the Tunisian partners will be marketed under the Rostselmash trademark. The market will include the countries in the North of Africa.