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New, State-of-the-art, Double-drum – Rostselmash Presents T500 Combine

8 June 2021

Newcomer of the company – T500 grain harvester of class 6 – can process over 1300 ha per season. The productivity of this agricultural machine is up to 30 tons per hour of prime time on crops, the threshing area reaches 3 m2, which is one of the best results in its class. T500 combine together with RSM 161 makes up the line of grain harvesters with a double-drum threshing system.

The combine is designed to harvest all major crops. Thanks to the threshing system with two drums, this model will successfully cope with harvesting in difficult field conditions: high straw, wet, and weedy. In addition, T500 combine will also be indispensable on farms with high straw quality requirements.

The T500 combine features the unique Tetra Processor threshing system. It gently threshes the grain without damage to it or to the straw. Due to the intense impact, most of the product is separated from tailings directly in the threshing machine. The OptiFlow system, consisting of a precleaner, a chaffer and a sieve, ensures highly effective cleaning of the grain. The clearance of sieves louvers and the cleaning fan speed can be adjusted from the cab. Due to the large cleaning area, the grain is obtained with minimal weed content –- it can be transported immediately to the elevator.

The 10,000 litre grain tank increases the autonomous work of the machine. The unloading height is almost 5 m, the length of the auger allows unloading on the move, even with 11 m headers. The increased unload rate of up to 120 l/s allows emptying of the grain tank in less than two minutes.

The operator's comfort is the key to highly productive work. The new combine harvester features a Luxury Cab. It has everything for comfortable work starting from the air-suspended seat to the electrically operated rear-view mirrors. The T500 model also features standard electronic assistants – the Adviser IV voice information system and the Agrotronic platform.

The new machine will be useful for farms that have to harvest crops in tight timeframes because of agricultural and climatic conditions. It will also be of interest to farmers who are switching to more powerful machines to increase specific yields.