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Rostselmash forage harvesters go to France

10 June 2021


In France, the company had set up for the first time a number of demos of its equipment using the facilities of its partner - SAS Michel Bellamy. For one, Rostselmash showcased the powerful RSM F 2650 forage harvester for French growers.


There was a reason for picking the RSM F 2650 to present Rostselmash products in France. This powerful forage harvester has combined the best engineering solutions in the industry. It is very productive, efficient, simple and smart - all in one. Coupled to a hydrostatic transmission, the 611hp engines deliver non-stop and economical operation in tough conditions, stepless and smooth speed control. With a 24% torque margin, these engines better withstand overloads so you can run in low gear for long periods of time. While the transverse arrangement provides the best weight distribution for these inline-6s and allows the power to be taken directly from the engine shaft to drive harvesting units.

The chopping system with a 705mm-wide and 630mm-dia. cutterhead with 40 knives in V arrangement rotates at 1,200 rpm and is equipped with a hydraulic system for stepless adjustment of the length of cut from 5 to 24mm.  

The RSM F2650 has sensors to measure the flow of crop material being harvested. The machine comes with the Agrotronic remote monitoring system. Over 80 parameters are communicated via GPRS modem. These can be both accessed online and retrieved from any networked computer.




French farmers were amazed by the high productivity of the RSM F 2650. This machine made an excellent performance and received a good deal of praise. “The more productive a harvester is, the higher is the chance to gather the harvest exactly when it’s completely mature, and to reduce dependence of harvest timing on weather conditions. Whatever you do, the main point is how well you do it. The RSM F 2650 does it excellently!”