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In the mid 1950s, specialization of industrial enterprises started in the country’s national economy.

Starting from August 1955, as per decision of July plenum of CC SUCP, Rostselmash began to specialize in production of grain harvesters. Ploughs and corn grain harvesters were cancelled from production line.

Комбайн РСМ-8In the end of 1955, production preparation for new harvester, i.e. Rostselmash-8 harvester, has begun. Also like Stalinets-1 and Stalinets-6, it was developed by the plant designers. The harvester had large reaper coverage, and large efficiency of thresher. The pin drum was replaced with rasp-bar one. These improvements made it much efficient. RSM-8 harvester has been produced for one year (December 1956 – January 1958), and the number of the produced machines comprised 50000 pieces.

Комбайн СК-3In March 1958, the plant received the new responsible task, i.e. reequipping for production of SK-3 self-propelled harvesters within the five-month period. So, the age of towed grain harvesters finished, and the age of self-propelled agricultural materiel started. The last RSM-8 harvester left the main conveyor on March 15 at 17:30.