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1985 - 1999

Новый комбайн Дон 1500 перед отправкой на выставку в Москву (1986г)By its 50-years anniversary in 1979, Rostselmash stably took a leading position in its field. In the beginning of 1980s, the staff started to design and introduce into production the high-effective grain harvesters of Don family. It was the 7th transfer of the plant to the production of new machines.

In February 1984, the harvester number 2000000 left the main Rostselmash conveyor, and, in October 1984, the first Don harvesters were produced.


Энергосредство Дон-800

For the period 1985-1999, many new models were designed, such as Don 680 forage harvester, Don 800 vehicle, and Don 2600 new rotary grain harvester.

The next stage in the enterprise development was its reorganization from a state-owned plant into Public Limited Company (the end of 1992), the owner of which became the Rostselmash staff.

The changes in political-economical situation of the country of 1990s has affected on the plant activity.

Кормоуборочный комбайн Дон 680