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2000 - 2014

Комбайн VECTORIn 2000, with arrival of new strategic investor at Rostselmash, “New Community” Industrial Union, the enterprise started to work with new force. New leaders of the Company made an accent on complete renewal of the products model line and introduction of advanced technologies.

In June 2004, the first machine of modern product line – VECTOR grain harvester – left the Rostselmash conveyor. The new machine differs from the previous models by its layout: there is a grain tank behind the central cabin, and only after the tank there is the engine.

Серебряная медаль в конкурсе инноваций выставки SIMA 2005In 2005, at SIMA Exhibition (Paris), Rostselmash presented innovational design – the unique rotary threshing-separating device with turning deck. The design was marked by innovational competition within the frames of international forum, and, the next time, it demonstrated to the world the highest professionalism of the Rostselmash staff of designers. This design decision has been later used in TORUM harvester.

In spring 2007, Rostselmash started serial production of ACROS 530 harvester of the 5th grade efficiency. The harvester design uses such unique systems as Smart Launch, JamControl, Adviser, etc., which improve the harvester effectiveness and efficiency. Комбайн ACROS 530All the harvesters of this model are equipped with new Power grain reaper providing the highest cutting quality, ideal relief copying, and, as the result, uniform and continuous feeding of wheat mass to threshing-separating device without any losses. The first harvesting season confirmed that the harvester is much efficient its predecessor by 10-15%, and provides much lower prime cost per a ton of harvested grain.

Комбайн TORUM 740In two years, in 2009, Rostselmash starts to produce the new harvester of the 7th grade efficiency – TORUM rotary harvester – based on the same innovational design, which was awarded at the exhibition in France! The first harvesting seasons of TORUM have confirmed the calculations of designers. The harvester demonstrates high efficiency by threshing more than 8000 tons per a season.

Together with rotary harvester, the enterprise produces two more types of machines: RSM 1401 forage harvester, and universal self-propelled mowing machine.

In parallel with expansion and upgrading of harvester line, Rostselmash holds building of fulliner-company, directed to production of the whole line of materiel required by customers for successful agriculture. In 2004, Rostselmash started to realize the new strategy. The deep marketing research and business structure study were performed, and, in this connection, the needs of Company’s customers in specified types of materiel and equipment. Basing on the received information, the main product line development directions were determined. Линейка тракторов VersatileThey include: grain and forage harvesting self-propelled machines, sprayers, sowing complexes and soil-processing materiel, “green” line (towed and mounted materiel for forage harvesting), and grain processing and storage equipment.

The practical realization of the strategy started in autumn 2007. Buhler Industries Inc., large Canadian manufacturer of agricultural materiel, joins the Rostselmash Company, the main products of which are worldwide known tractors.

In 2008, the Rostselmash Group united with the KLEVER Company producing towed and mounted materiel for forage preparation, as well as materiel for grain processing and storage.

In 2009, two new sites joined Rostselmash group: Canadian – producing sprayers, and American – producing equipment for grain reloading, processing and storage.

Starting from 2011, the Company began production of the complete materiel line required for agricultural works to be performed within the whole year period by including in its group the Canadian enterprise – manufacturer of materiel for sowing and soil processing.

At present, Rostselmash is a modern transnational company with the rich history and established traditions: striving for quality, development and improvement.