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2000 - 2017

Комбайн VECTORWhen in 2000 a strategic investor, Industrial Union ‘Novoye Sodruzhestvo’ (can be translated from russian as ‘New Fellowship’), came to Rostselmash, the enterprise adopted a dynamic business strategy. 

The company management committed itself to totally revamping the product range and embracing efficient technologies.

July 2004, Rostselmash rolls out the first machine in the today’s line-up — VECTOR, a grain harvester. What distinguished the new machine from the predecessors was the layout: behind the central cab is the tank, and only then comes the engine.

2005, Rostselmash comes up with an innovative product, which is a one-of-a-kind rotary threshing and separating unit with a rotating concave. 

Silver medal in the innovation competition exhibition SIMA 2005The design was noted at the global innovation competition, which proved the high level of competence of the Rostselmash’ design team. This solution will be used later in TORUM-series combines.

Spring 2007, Rostselmash launches commercial production of combines with performance class 5, ACROS series. ACROS design involves the development and implementation of special systems, such as Smart Launch, Jam Control, Adviser etc., which improve combine’s efficiency and performance. Комбайн ACROSAll machines in this series come with the new Power Stream header, which offers the required cutting performance, perfect contour following, and therefore uniform and steady feeding of crop material to the threshing and separating unit without losses. Already the first harvesting season shows that ACROS combines are 10 to 15% more productive than the competitors and offer a lower cost per tonne of the harvested grain.

Комбайн TORUMTwo years later, in 2009, Rostselmash starts to turn out a new model of grain harvesters, rotary TORUM — back then in performance class 7 only, which is based on the internationally recognised innovation of 2005. Already during the first harvesting seasons TORUM machines proved their potential.

Concurrently with rotor combines, the company launches two more types of machines, these being RSM series of forage harvesters and multi-purpose self-propelled mowers (KSU).

Alongside broadening and revamping the range of harvesting machines, Rostselmash is working to set up a full liner, having set the goal of becoming a manufacturer of the complete range of equipment that a client needs to successfully run the farming business.

ОпрыскивательThe key categories in shaping the product portfolio were defined as follows: self-propelled grain and forage harvesters, tractors, sprayers, planters & seeding machines and tillage equipment, ‘green line’ (trailed and mounted forage equipment), grain processing and storage systems.

Линейка тракторов VersatileThis strategy starts to be implemented in practice at the autumn 2007. A major Canadian maker of agricultural machinery, Buhler Industries Inc, joins the Rostselmash group, bringing in its core portfolio asset, the globally acclaimed VERSATILE tractors.

2008, Rostselmash is joined by KLEVER division, which is a manufacturer of trailed and mounted forage and grain processing equipment.

2009, Rostselmash acquires two new assets, these being a Canada-based maker of sprayers, and US-based manufacturer of equipment for handling, processing and storage of grain.

Starting from 2011 the company has been manufacturing the complete range of equipment required for full-cycle farming business, having acquired another Canadian manufacturer of drills and tillage equipment.

Линейка тракторов Versatile

2011 through 2014, Rostselmash brought to the market a number of new versions of its commercial models of agricultural machines (including grain harvesters ACROS 595 Plus and VECTOR 450 Track, forage harvester RSM 1403), VERSATILE tractors, headers, trailed and mounted equipment.

June 2015 - Rostselmash rolls out the first model of the new-gen harvesting machine, RSM 161, which was built based on the Rostselmash’ global platform. 

Линейка тракторов Versatile

This machine features over two dozens of proprietary engineering solutions, including the design of the threshing and separating unit. RSM 161 became the first machine in the company’s portfolio to receive the double drum threshing system.  

August 2016 - the full-cycle tractor production was officially launched at the core manufacturing site in Rostov-on-Don. The new assembly facility starts to roll out the first tractors of model 2375 that were previously manufactured in Canada. The achieved level of localisation allowed this model to be covered by all the govern-
ment initiatives to support farmers, making this popular machine even more affordable.

The same 2016, localised in Russia were two more types of Rostselmash machines: launched into production were
RSM TS-3200 Satellite trailed sprayer and offset disc harrow and tandem disc harrow, models DX-850 and DV-1000. 

Harvester NOVA

2017, Rostselmash unveiled a whole lot of new products, including NOVA, a compact class 3 grain harvester, and high-horsepower forage harvesters in RSM F series. Also, the first trials of a prototype of an unmanned combine were conducted. From 2014 through 2017, Rostselmash has broadened its presence, by starting operations in the markets of England, Egypt, China, Serbia, Slovakia, 

Sudan, RSA.

Today, Rostselmash is a leading-edge transnational company with a rich legacy and established traditions — commitment to quality, evolution and perfection.