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Mongolia masters the Rostselmash modern harvesters

11 September 2012

The Rostselmash Company starts the delivery of VECTOR 420 grain harvesters to Mongolia. The first batch of harvesters have already arrived to the Republic, Darkhan station. One of them will take a part in demonstration show, which will be held in the main grain-sowing region of the country.

«The Rostselmash machinery comprises the base of the Mongolian harvesting park. Being the country’s agricultural partner on the town upgrade, our Company strives for delivery of not just new and reliable machines to the Mongolian farms, but also the up-to-date models, what, considering the adverse agricultural climatic conditions of the region, will assist the farms to enter the new business level», — said Alexei Kolomoytsev, the Director for Regional Development of the Rostselmash Sales Department.

Despite the high interest in modern models, the NIVA harvester still remains the most popular and prevalent harvesting machine in Mongolia. The country’s park of grain-harvesting materiel, about 1000 units, in most cases consists namely of these harvesters. The largest batch of the recent years — 40 units — was delivered in 2009. According to the agrarians, the harvesters operate excellently. At the same time, the adverse agricultural climatic conditions of the country require the gradual transfer of agriculture for more efficient materiel, which will be able to perform harvesting works within the short terms. The VECTOR harvester is such proposal of the Rostselmash Company.

The Agrotech Mongolia Exhibition, which was held in spring 2011, confirmed the fact that this model has good perspectives in the local market. Its participants expressed the high interest in this harvester namely, when visiting the Rostselmash booth.

The buyer of these harvesters delivered to the Republic is Erhet Uyls HHK, Dornod aimaka (Eastern Mongolia) agricultural company. Its Director, Bat-Ochir Gantulga, highly evaluated the specifications of this model of grain-harvesting machines, considering that VECTOR 420 completely meets requirements and specifics of Mongolian farms’ work.

One of the purchased harvesters will take a part in demonstration show. The arrangement will be held with support of Mongol Tarialan Negdel HHK, the Rostselmash partner company. Its Executive Director, Sukhtseren Choulouunbat, thinks that the VECTOR harvesters and other Rostselmash materiel have high perspectives in the country’s local market. «Since 2013, the state tenders on purchasing the agricultural materiel will be abolished in Mongolia. The stimulation forms for the agrarians conducting upgrade by themselves will be introduced instead of the tenders, — noticed Sukhtseren Choulouunbat. — In 2012,the first commercial sales of 10 harvesters were fulfilled in the country besides the deliveries under the state contract. These were the Rostselmash NIVA harvesters». Sukhtseren Choulouunbat also noticed the fact, that, at present, more than 650 Rostselmash harvesters produced before 1990 are operated in the country, and, in this connection, the supplier should enable the agrarians to renew these harvesters with new ones, preferably VECTOR.

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