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The ACROS family has been expanded

11 January 2011

Rostselmash has started to produce industrial prototype of ACROS 590 Plus new grain harvester. The first 20 machines will enter Russian fields in summer. The new harvester is equipped with more powerful engine — Cummins 325 h.p. Among the machine major design features is double-cascade cleaning system increasing the tanked grain quality and the machine efficiency.

The harvester uses new design of inclined chamber equipped with accelerating beater, which accelerates the bread mass before feeding it to thresher. ACROS 590 Plus is equipped with new straw shredder-thrower, which operates in new improved scheme with application of chaff-thrower. The basic set includes the soil relief copying system. List of options available for ACROS model line is added with electrical adjustment of sieves and water-proof grain tank.

The new model development started 3 years ago. 7 prototypes have been made during this period, and they have been tested in three climatic zones. Thus, the harvester design mastering has been pedformed with consideration of its operation in various conditions. It allowed to create a product, which meets its processing tasks at maximum. As the result, during operating tests held in Stavropol and Krasnoyarsk Regions, total grain output of ACROS 590 Plus comprised 3500 ton, what, under the specialists evaluations, is the excellent index for prototype.

Last year, ACROS 590 Plus passed state acceptance tests at Kubanskaya testing area. During the tests, it demonstrated efficiency of 20.5 ton/hour (at normative losses level of 1.5%), what 30% higher than analogues at lower fuel consumption. Also, the excellent result is in contamination rate of the tanked grain. At normative not increasing 2%, ACROS 590 Plus showed the average contaminating ratio less than 0.25%. The new harvester demonstrated good results in other parameters too: reliability of the machine and its main aggregates. As a result of state acceptance tests, Rostselmash got positive marks and recommendations on production of ACROS 590 Plus industrial batch from Kubanskaya testing area, as well as passing of qualification tests before serial production of the harvester. Assembly of the first ACROS 590 Plus has been already started in experimental workshop. Then, the harvester will be transferred for main production. At present, the price is being formed. The first prototype-industrial batch of the new harvesters will leave the Rostselmash conveyor by 2011 harvesting season. The machines will be forwarded to Siberia, Southern and Central part of the country. It will make possible to check again the operation of all the harvester systems at maximum load.

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