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Rostselmash designed a new modification of VECTOR harvester

2 April 2011

The Rostselmash Company designed a new modification of VECTOR 450 Track grain harvester especially for the Russian Far East, as well as for rice-growing regions. Its distinctive feature is application of caterpillar chassis with rubber-armored tracks.

The first prototypes of VECTOR 450 Track in standard and rice-harvesting sets will be produced this year. They will be tested in Amur Region, Krasnodar and Rostov Regions with support of testing centers: Kubanskaya MTS and DalGAU. At the same time, soya reaper especially designed for completion of this harvester model will be tested. Industrial production of new VECTOR is planned to be started in the next 2012. Almost 50% of the first batch already has found their buyers. Upon the specialists forecast, the demand in this harvester model will surpass 250 units per year. VECTOR will be demanded in Russian Far East, in farms of South of Russia and Kazakhstan, which are dealing in rice-growing. «In this project, we realized the desires of our customers working in the most adverse agricultural-climatic conditions. When designing the harvester, we considered the world experience and suggestions existing in this market segment. The company continuously invests into production development and designing of new models and modifications of the materiel demanded in the market», — noticed Zaur Dyshekov, Marketing Director of Rostselmash.

In comparison with few analogues, the new VECTOR 450 Track has initial high potential, and many innovating ideas were applied. According to specialists, the number of its advantages includes independent suspension of supporting rollers providing smooth travel of the harvester when driving along the roads with various surfaces and along the fields, what is especially important for soya harvesting. Especially for this culture, the Rostselmash specialists designed the reaper with floating cutter, which is able to reduce the losses sharply due to copying of the field micro-relief. The harvester is controlled by usual way — steering wheel. Besides, the new VECTOR model will be equipped with engine having device, which makes easier its start at low temperatures usual for harvesting season in Far East Region. Pneumatic system is also integrated into the power plant to make easier its maintenance. Having the distinctive features, VECTOR 450 Track keeps the main design decisions of the basic model, which have proven its high effectiveness over the years.

The company invited the leading manufacturers of agricultural products from four regions, where this machine will be demanded, in order to evaluate the new model. After thorough study, the experts concurred, that the harvester surpasses the analogues represented in the market in respect of technical decisions.

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