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Kazakhstan rice-growers are being transferred to TORUM harvesters

9 August 2011

TORUM 740, the most powerful Rostselmash grain harvester, will be delivered to the address of Zhan-Aray LLC in Kyzyl-Orda Region this week. It is the first machine of this model shipped to Kazakhstan. More five harvesters will be delivered to the Republic in the beginning of September.

In accordance with Andrei Kolesnikov, Director of Rostselmash representation in Kazakhstan, the contract on TORUM harvesters’ delivery was concluded upon results of spring visit of Kyzyl-Orda agricultural enterprises’ managers to Rostselmash, and their visiting of one of the Russian leading farms, Poltavskaya (Krasnodar Region), where the successful experience of rotary machines application was studied.

Upon the evaluations of specialists, such powerful machines as TORUM are very perspective in Kazakhstan. Primarily, in regions with high crop capacity of cereals and regions specialized for rice growing. It is Kyzyl-Orda Region in the Republic, where the rice seeding areas comprise 80000 hectares. Non-randomly, the only Kazakhstan seed-growing farm called Toguskensky LLC, as well as rice-growing Research Instutute of Kazakhstan, is located namely here. Kyzyl-Orda Region harvests up to 400000 tons of rice annually. However, the farms use classical drum threshing system, what increases losses and affects the quality of harvested grain.

Having visited Rostselmash and studied the experience of their Krasnodar colleagues in spring, the Kazakh rice-growers came to solid opinion on necessity of transferring to new harvesters. «Old harvesters can not be compared with those we have seen at Poltavskaya farm. We want to work with this materiel», — said Baglan Ashirbekov, Director of Ashirbekov farm. «The rotary system advantage was proved long time ago. I signed a contract for two TORUM harvesters. The machine is good» — added Niyatullah Karakhodjayev, Director of Toguskensky LLC elite seed-growing farm.

Rice-growing Research Instutute of Kazakhstan also highly evaluated the Rostselmash harvester. «We can assist the farms to make right selection. If they get TORUM before the harvesting season starts, we will be able to test it directly in operation. As to my own first impressions, they are the most positive ones. We visited workshops, saw units, parts of which the harvester is assembled. Everything is suitable for us. After taking counsel, we thought that we stop on TORUM namely; and, if anybody will ask our opinion, we will recommend this harvester», — said Ibadullah Tolkenov, Deputy Director General of the Institute.

In accordance with Andrei Kolesnikov, Director of Rostselmash representation in Kazakhstan, the first TORUM 740 will arrive to the Republic this week. Its entering the field, where it will perform the test mowing of rice fields, is planned for August 20. In the beginning of September, the rest machines will be delivered to Kazakhstan, as well as demonstration of the harvester will be held. Considering the tasks standing in front of the machines, and conditions where they are intended to be operated, all TORUM harvesters are manufactured especially for Kazakhstan and reequipped for rice harvesting.

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