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VERSATILE double anniversary

14 November 2011

VERSATILE Canadian factory (belongs to the Rostselmash Company) has celebrated big labor holiday. 100 000th tractor left the conveyor. It was the machine of Row Crop series. It is symbolically, that this event happened in the anniversary year of the enterprise. The Canadian factory started the production exactly 55 years ago.

History of Buhler-VERSATILE Company started in 1945, when Peter Pakosh settled the first workshop in Toronto. The VERSATILE factory was built in 1964, and the first 4WD tractor was produced in 1966 under the same brand.

VERSATILE is the only Canadian manufacturer of agricultural tractors. The area of factory in Winnipeg (Manitoba) comprises 700 000 m2 approximately. It has all technologies required for production, research, development, and tests of products.

In 2007, the tractor factory was purchased by Rostselmash Company. In 2009, assembly of the Canadian tractors for the Russian customers was arranged in Rostov-on-Don.

During the celebration of 100-thousandth tractor production, Grant Adolf, Production Director of Buhler Industries, noticed that it is great event for the whole enterprise: «We are proud that we produce simple and reliable tractors for farmers for many years. 100 000 purchasers have proven this! 100 000 tractors are 6000 man-years of work in production, 591348 tires, 927000 ton of steel, and 24 million of horse power approximately. And all these products have been built at our enterprise»!

The anniversary 100-thousandth tractor will remain to work in Canada, Kansas. During the celebration, the keys of the tractor were handed-over to the old customers — Bracelene farmer family from Goodland, which, at present, operate more than 20 tractors of this brand.

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