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  • The Rostselmash harvesters were acknowledged as the best agricultural machines in Russia in 2011

The Rostselmash harvesters were acknowledged as the best agricultural machines in Russia in 2011

17 October 2011

On October 8, the awarding of the winners of the competition «The best agricultural machine of the year 2011» was held; the competition was arranged by the Ministry of Agriculture for the second year in succession. The Rostselmash harvesters took the first place in three nominations at once.

The polling of the Russian agrarians was carried out in the website AgroNews.ru within the frames of this project by the efforts of Krestyanskiye Vedomosty media-group and Agricultural materiel testing association (AMTA). It was carried out in two formats: on-line on the websites AgroNews.ru and Povmis.ru, and off-line by means of spreading the applications among agricultural specialists in the regions. As per the competition conditions, it was necessary to fill in the machine brands into the applications and evaluate them in respect of specified consuming features.

801 applications were sent into the organizers’ address from the agricultural specialists in total, which were collected in responsible regions of ten Russian machine-testing stations (MTS), and 184 votes upon the results of Internet-voting. 614 materiel brands were competing for getting the right to be called as The best agricultural machine of the year 2011.

As the result, В итоге, ACROS 530 became The best grain harvester. DON 680M harvester won in nomination The best forage materiel. And the new model ACROS 580 was acknowledged as The best novelty of the year 2011.

— We conducted this competition among consumers of agricultural materiel, — said Vadim Pronin, Director of FGBU Povolzhskaya MIS, — Evaluation of the machines was carried out in four main criteria: quality of implementation of engineering process, reliability, availability of service and price. Survey was the main polling instrument. Let it be a little old-fashioned way of investigating the public opinion, but it gives the most independent and transparent results. It excludes the possibility of improving the results, what is possible in case of on-line voting, which we faced during organizing the competition in 2009. The victory of the Rostselmash machines in nominations The best grain harvester and The best forage materiel was expected.

— The acknowledgement from the side of agricultural complex specialists is nice. It means confidence, which our harvesters got by their work in the fields of Russia. We always were cooperative with agrarians by striving to produce high-quality, efficient and economically efficient materiel. The detailed results indicate that we have chosen the right way" — said Zaur Dyshekov, Marketing Director of the Rostselmash Company.

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