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Rostselmash awarded the best machine operators of the country

19 December 2011

On December 16, Rostselmash officially published the results of competition called The best machine operator of Russia — 2011 and awarded its winners. Four machine operators were awarded by the company with Kyron off-road cars cost of which comprised about 1 million rubles each.

On December 16, the winners of competition called The best machine operator of Russia — 2011, their family members, and farm managers arrived to Rostov-on-Don upon the Rostselmash invitation. The enterprise tour was arranged for them; then, the harvesting leaders were issued with memorial diplomas and keys of new cars in solemn atmosphere.

«It is important for us to mark the people with dignity, who devote themselves to native land and their work, — said Valery Maltsev, Director General of Rostselmash. — Demonstration of the Rostselmash materiel abilities was also one of the competition tasks, what is especially important within the frames of discussing the strategy of country’s agricultural machine-building development until 2020, materiel disposal program, Russia’s membership in the WTO».

According to the experts, The best machine operator of Russia competition initiated and held by Rostselmash in 2010 for the first time is the highest encouragement of agrarians. The most important thing — it enabled the participants to exchange the advanced experience, open the potential of Russian agricultural complex and agricultural machine-building. The competition winner demonstrated such highest grain outputs as 8076 and 8344 tons of grain (on TORUM and ACROS harvesters) repeatedly.

These parameters were exemplar for many farms and region, which carried out the technical reequipping of agricultural complex. According to the managers, their selection of the harvesting materiel brand was based on rational calculation of economical effectiveness of its usage, and the parameters achieved by the last harvesting leaders were the decisive factor. It is not eventually, that in regions native for the competition — 2011 winners the Rostselmash materiel deliveries increased significantly. Particularly, the sales of the Rostselmash grain harvesters in Kurgan Region increased by more than 3 times relatively to 2009-2010 agricultural years, in Saratov Region — by 66%, and in Lipetsk Region — by 21%. The sales of Rostselmash forage harvesters and VERSATILE tractors were increased too.

The results of The best machine operator of Russia competition winners were the powerful pulse for improvement of effectiveness and labor efficiency in the country. New achievements, which surpassed the last year parameters in all nominations (in VECTOR nomination — more than 60%!), are the best prove for it. The total number of the competition participants was also significant. If the last year the number of nominees for the title The best machine operator of Russia comprised 446 persons from 44 regions, in 2011 the number was 765 persons from 78 regions.

The competition winners

The owners of titles The best machine operator of Russia — 2011 and expensive off-road cars were:

Nomination The best machine operator of Russia on NIVA harvester
Alexander I. Shakin, Povolzhsky District, Saratov Region. Total grain output for the harvesting period on various cultures — 2150 tons.

Nomination The best machine operator of Russia on VECTOR harvester
Valey V. Kiryanov, Uralsky District, Kurgan Region. Total grain output for the harvesting period on various cultures — 6673 tons.

Nomination The best machine operator of Russia on ACROS harvester
Raul N. Hairulin, Uralsky District, Kurgan Region. Total grain output for the harvesting period on various cultures — 8402 tons.

Nomination The best machine operator of Russia on TORUM harvester
Vladimir V. Korotkikh, Black soil area, Lipetsk Region. Total grain output for the harvesting period on various cultures — 9287.14 tons.

Brief information on the winners:

Alexander I. Shakin is from Saratov Gorshenin V.A. farm enterprise. He works in agriculture for the whole conscious life. At the age of 14, he came to the farm enterprise and worked with harvester operators as an assistant. Those years, he mastered the main rules of controlling such serious materiel. His instructors said: «The most important thing is to keep the harvester serviceable and clean». Alexander remembered this rule for the whole life and used it always. The machine operator worked on his NIVA harvester for five seasons, but the machine looks like brand new. According to the farm manager, Alexander is industrious worker and serious person; in case of necessity, he can work extra time: during the crop harvesting, he was in the field from 4 a.m. until the weather conditions were suitable. Alexander does not stop to work in winter time: he prepares the materiel for the next season.

Valey V. Kiryanov works in Kurgan organization called MUSA Agricultural Association, which provided the best nominees for the competition. Valery thinks that VECTOR is the new generation harvester, which is reliable in any situation. It allows working with comfort not only in the daytime, but also in the night. The working schedule of the harvester operator was hard: he worked 10 hours a day without stops. According to the managers, Valery is very calm person and does not throw his words in the wind. His slogan is: «Less words — more work!», which he confirms everyday by his achievements. Valery is pleased that his work was properly evaluated, and he became The best machine operator of Russia — 2011. Even he thinks, that it is impossible to win in one competition twice, anyway, he will participate in the competition among machine operators next year.

Raul N. Hairulin one more representative of MUSA Agricultural Association. He thinks, that his high result could not be possible without the high-quality ACROS harvester. Raul harvested the crop for three months: from August until November. The working schedule of the harvester operator was hard: the working day lasted 12 hours. The reason of such hard continuous work was unexpected high crop capacity. Usually, the harvesting period in Urals lasts not more than two months. According to the managers of MUSA, Raul is very responsible worker and exemplary family member. One more achievement of Raul is successful growing of six children. The hobby of Raul is connected with his work, and he likes to repair the materiel. He manages seeder repair workshop in winter time.

Vladimir V. Korotkikh is from Lipetsk farm enterprise called Rechnoye. Before working of TORUM, he also worked on DON 1500B Rostselmash harvester. From the first day, he evaluated the comfort and high efficiency of the modern machine. According to him, he felt himself as the real owner of the field when working on TORUM. The harvester never failed during the season. Despite the leader is only 31 years old, he has worked in the farm for more than 15 years. Initially, he harvested the crops with his father, was trained with experienced machine operator, then he started to work by himself in his father farm. The thing is that fact, that Vladimir’s father established his own farm called Rechnoye in 1992. For 20 years, the field area increased by 20 times — up to 10000 hectares. Very high crop capacity was this year, that’s why Vladimir finished the harvesting by the end of November. Even now, he does not think about vocations, because there is too much work in his farm — stockbreeding farm works continuously in winter, where the machine operator works as logistics manager.

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