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Rostselmash is intended to develop cooperation with Canada

20 May 2010

On May 18, the delegation of Canadian Embassy in Russia headed by John Sloan, Extraordinary and Authorized Ambassador, and managers of Canadian agency on export development (EDC) headed by Sheri Noble, Vice-President, visited the Rostselmash Company. The delegation was met by Constantine Babkin, President of Novoe Sodruzhestvo industrial union and Rosagromash Association, and Ilya Chelpanov, First Deputy Director General and Commercial Director of the Rostselmash Company. During the visit, the parties discussed the issues of further interaction and necessity of further cooperation development.

«Rostselmash is being in Canadian market since 2007, when the company, for the first time in the Russian history, could purchase the assets of Buhler, the Canadian tractor factory, — said Constantine Babkin, President of Novoe Sodruzhestvo industrial union and Rosagromash Association, — At present, 50% of products manufactured at our factories in North America are sold in Canada and USA. The share of Russia and CIS countries comprises about 20%. We connect the largest hopes namely with this market. It has a great potential. We and EDC management discussed several new projects, and our cooperation will be developed due to state support of Canada. Also, we hope, that there will be more adequate economical policy aimed to supporting the manufacturers of agricultural products in Russia. In this case, our materiel will be demanded in the larger volumes ».

The guests visited production facilities and got familiarized with the company’s technical-economical potential during the visit. «In my opinion, Rostselmash is an excellent example of productive and mutually beneficial cooperation of the Russian enterprise and Canada, — noticed John Sloan, Extraordinary and Authorized Ambassador of Canada in Russia, — We can see, that there are really exist two flows of the manufactured products, i.e. import and export. I hope, that such cooperation will be improved with the lapse of time».

About us

In 2007, Rostselmash purchased assets of Buhler-VERSATILE, Canadian tractor manufacturer. At present, the model line of the company includes four series of tractors having power from 190 up to 575 h.p. In 2009, Rostselmash expanded the line of materiel produced under VERSATILE brand by purchasing a part of assets of Red Ball Amercian company. Starting from this period, the VERSATILE product portfolio included four models of trailed and one self-propelled sprayer. In 2011, Rostselmash purchased assets of Ezee-On Manufacturing, Canadian manufacturer of soil-processing and seeding materiel. At present, the Rostselmash Company is ready to propose the complete line of agricultural materiel for any kinds of agricultural works.

The Rostselmash Group of Companies is included into five largest world manufacturers of agricultural materiel. The Group of Companies includes 13 enterprises. The production facilities are situated in the territories of Canada, Russia, USA, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The Rostselmash product line comprises more than 20 types of agricultural materiel, more than 100 models and modifications. The products are sold in 26 countries of the world. Dealer network comprises more than 500 service centers and branches all over the world.