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Under CE quality mark

21 October 2014

The Rostselmash Company was issued with declaration of correspondence to European Quality Standards for two kinds of materiel: Berkut 3200 rotary towed mower and Cheege 184 road boundary mower. Starting from 2014, all such machines will be marked with CE special mark.

Declaration of correspondence of EU countries is the international analogue of GOST Russian certificate. СЕ mark (Conformite Europeenne — European Correspondence) is the only mark accepted in EU countries, which confirms correspondence of product to European safety standards. It is a special certificate allowing the manufacturers to sell freely their products in European market.

SIA «Baltic Commerce Group» independent expert organization confirmed correspondence of Berkut 3200 and Cheege 184 to CE requirements and EU directives after having studied the submitted documents. Thus, the Rostselmash mowers have got the international acknowledgement. The СЕ mark on the body will be the best proof of materiel quality and the Rostselmash Company care of safety of the agricultural machines production and operation in Russia and in the world.

«In the conditions of development of trade-economical integration and improvement of exporting direction, availability of possibility to deliver the products corresponding to European standards has the most important meaning for our enterprise, — noticed Maxim Shilov, Quality Director of Klever LLC (the Rostselmash production facility for production of towed and mounted agricultural materiel). — In connection with future sales of the products in European market, the works on evaluation of the model line of the Rostselmash towed and mounted materiel correspondence to CE»

About us

184 road boundary mower is designed for cleaning the roadsides from weeds, bushes and branches. It is aggregated with tractors of 1.4 drawbar category, and operates in horizontal and vertical planes. Thus, the mower tilt angle varies from −45 up to 90°. Due to parallelogram hitch, Cheege 184 can be operated behind the tractor within its dimensions, and from the RH of the machine. Having the coverage width of 1.8m and blade speed of 48m/s, the mower is able to cut not only branches, but also young trees with trunk diameter up to 35mm.

BERKUT 3200 rotary towed mower is designed for works in high-yield capacity fields. It mows laid grass, performs crushing of the mowed mass and laying it into swath at the high speed (9-18 km/h), and lays into swath in case of removed crusher. BERKUT 3200 is used in all zones of plain soilwork. Special protective devices prevent the mower from deformation. BERKUT 3200 is aggregated with tractors of 1.4 drawbar category.
The Rostselmash Company is included into five largest world manufacturers of agricultural materiel. In 2014, the company celebrated its 85-year anniversary. The production facilities are situated in the territories of Canada, Russia, USA, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The Rostselmash product line comprises more than 24 types of agricultural materiel, more than 150 models and modifications (grain-harvesting, forage-harvesting, forage-preparation, and soil-processing materiel, as well as tractors, sprayers and seed protectants, etc.). The machines are sold and serviced through the branched dealer network consisting of 500 dealer centers and their branches in 26 countries of the world.