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Rostselmash called the competitors for competition

25 April 2011

One manufacturer of agricultural materiel invites other manufacturers for open independent tests of materiel with great number of professional observers for the first time in the world practice. It is supposed, that they will be held in two agro-climatic zones: at Altayskaya MTS — tests for grain harvesters of ACROS class, and at Kubanskaya MTS — for rotary harvesters of TORUM class.

«Reaping-2011 — it’s time to dispel the doubts», with such message Rostselmash addressed to competing companies such as John Deer, Claas, CNH, AGCO and other manufacturers from former Soviet republics, and with invitation to hold the competitions between harvesters in the fields of Altay and Krasnodar Regions in summer this year. This will be observed by independent experts: scientists, agro-holding owners, manufacturers of agricultural products. The Rostselmash Company is intended to use grain harvesters of ACROS class and rotary harvesters of TORUM class for the competition.

It should be noted, that nobody and never held such arrangements before. As per Zaur Dyshekov, Marketing Director of the Rostselmash Company, the independent tests are very important and required for every agrarian, who always makes a clever decision on purchasing the grain-harvesting materiel. The coming tests of materiel in the field will allow the correspondence of the declared specifications with real figures in the real-time mode.

As per the company’s representatives, this competition should put all dots over «I», and show, what is every harvester in field conditions. «It is supposed, that it will be very interesting fight for the leadership, but not the petty intrigues of corporative copyrighters».

«We want to show the real figures and real abilities of modern and highly-efficient and deserving attention harvesters to the manufacturers of agricultural products, all persons interested in the machines, as well as to them, who is involved in the process of making the decisions on purchasing the materiel» — continues Zaur Dyshekov. — The results will be the most effective instrument of convincing the partners in harvester selection«.

The tests will be carried out on the bases of state machine-testing station. Namely they have all the special laboratory equipment allowing to get objective results. «We consciously want to attract independent authorized machine-testing stations, but not representatives of the participants, in order to exclude completely any doubts in objectiveness and validity of the results. We are ready to publish the test results later» — says Mr. Dyshekov. Rostselmash is intended to inform the public on preparation the competition, as well as on those models of the machines, which will take part in the competition. The 2011 reaping will be very hot.

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