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Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin highly evaluated the Rostselmash harvesters

26 October 2011

Dmitry Medvedev, RF President, and Vladimir Putin, RF Prime-Minister, evaluated the products of Russian industry by themselves during discussion of perspectives of agricultural complex technical renewal and local agricultural machine-building development strategy.

Yesterday, Dmitry Medvedev, RF President, and Vladimir Putin, RF Prime-Minister, joined the corn harvesting in Stavropol region. They had corn output of 12 ton by controlling two ACROS 560 harvesters by themselves. The harvesting was carried out in Rodina farm, and the country leaders highly evaluated the Russian materiel. «I liked it very much, because the materiel is modern and Russian, what is especially nice. In case of lack of skills, it is possible to understand how it works for a short period of time», — said President. Prime-Minister accented the attention to the easiness of controlling such complicated machine: «It is sensitive and controlled very good. We were pleased, honestly!».

After the harvesting, Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin met the agrarians in informal conditions. The machine operators said that ACROS is a bright example of technical renewal of the town and abilities of local agricultural machine-building. The harvester meets all modern requirements in respect of comfort and equipping.

Victor Orlov, Head of Rodina farm, said that it is preferable to use local materiel in our fields. The farm has 26 harvesting machines, and all of them were produced by Rostselmash. These are 19 units of DON 1500B, 2 units of NIVA, and 5 units of ACROS 530 and 560. «In connection with sharp expanding of fields, we are intended to expand the harvester park next year, and today we are starting to choose the new model», — said he. Nikolai Sabirov, Chief Engineer of the farm, added, that average load on ACROS comprised 900 hectares this harvesting season. Despite that the warranty term of harvesters delivered in 2009 is expired, they operated the harvesting season with minimal downtimes. He noticed, like the Prime-Minister, the easiness in controlling and servicing of the Rostselmash harvesters, and good technical process of grain threshing.

In 2007, Rostselmash started to produce the ACROS family harvesters. In course of incomplete 5 years, 6 modifications were introduced into production: 530,535,540,560,580, 590. About 7000 units of all modifications were produced for today. 20% of harvesters were exported. ACROS 560 model was introduced into production in 2009. For two years, 525 units were produced, and more than 26% were exported.

ACROS 560 is equipped with engine CUMMINS/QSC 280 h.p., which meets STAGE IIIA requirements and differs by power and economy.

The inclined chamber uses unique device — beater-normalizer before transporter; special combs uniformly flatten the mass and move it to the drum, what allows significantly to stabilize the engineering process.
Threshing drum gearbox providing smooth mode of threshing and high quality of grain at output is available optionally.

Jam Control, unique patented device of the deck deep discharge up to 8cm from the initial position by one pushing on button, is envisaged in the harvester. It guarantees stable operation of the machine in various field conditions.

The harvester is equipped with patented and checked by the time «wave» sieve. Various sizes of the upper sieve combs provide uniform distribution of the air flow blown by 6-blade centrifugal fan, what improves the cleaning process.

The ears left after threshing are transferred to unique autonomous final-threshing device, and then, the extracted grain is uniformly distributed along the whole width of shuttle board. The device uses 3-blade rotor, which, in comparison with final-threshers of drum type, threshes more smoothly due to less number of hits and frictions.

The grain tank capacity is 9000 L, what, together with high-speed unloading, significantly saves the harvesting time. The unloading worm height, length and turning angle are designed for free unloading into any kind of transport. The unloading process is carried out with deactivated thresher.

The tank is equipped with two diaphragm sensors of filling level. Large sight glass in the cabin is used for visual control of filling. Vibration exciter with two hydraulic pulsers, installed on the tank bottom, promote fast unloading of wet grain.

The ACROS 560 chassis is designed for assured driving independently on soil-climatic conditions. It uses equipment of world leaders in the field of vendor components production: Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic-static transmission and CIT reliable axle of driving wheels. 3-range gearbox provides optimal tractive torque and minimal fuel consumption in any conditions.

ACROS 560 is equipped with powerful halogen lights providing the crop harvesting in evening and night time.

The harvester is equipped with Adviser informational system, which monitors operation of all the harvester working elements and has a system of situational framing. It changes the information automatically depending on the processes to be performed.

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