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TORUM was presented on the exhibition in North America for the first time

28 June 2012

Innovational agricultural machinery of the Rostselmash Company was a sensation on Canada’s Farm Progress Show, which was held on June 20-22 in Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada). Western Canada Farm Progress Show is the largest exhibition in western Canada. It is held annually, and attracts the manufacturers of agricultural materiel from various countries of the world and several ten thousand of visitors. The Rostselmash products was presented at this site for several years.

The North American agrarians were presented with a novelty in the class of rotary grain-harvesting machines at this year exhibition for the first time for 10 years. It was TORUM, which is represented in North American markets under VERSATILE brand (Canadian asset of the Rostselmash Group of Companies) as RT490 model.

Adam Raid, Marketing Director of VERSATILE, said that the harvester of 8-class efficiency was tested on various cultures and in various harvesting conditions in North America and all over the world: «RT490 passed many tests in the fields of more than 200 acres in Canada and USA. The harvester operated almost on all cultures grown in North America, such as cereals, corn and rice. Efficiency of these machines was excellent. The thing is in the fact, that 80% of Canadian bread is harvested by highly-efficient rotary machines. Therefore, the presented novelty had such detailed interest». Raid added, that the harvester excellently adds the company’s product line; it is also highly reliable, durable and easy serviceable, like all the Rostselmash agricultural materiel. RT490 is very simple in maintenance and operation. The lubricating points and mechanical drives, which require maintenance, are minimized and easily accessible.

High effectiveness, power and efficiency of the rotary machine are one of the main features of RT490. The harvester threshing system is unique due to revolving rotor deck. 360 degrees of the deck coverage not only increases efficiency, capacity and reduces losses, but also allows to be sure, that threshing and separation system are used completely. Unique 4-step inclined chamber with the mass transferring system is much effective than traditional one, provides significant grow in stabilizing of the machine loading and efficiency by uniform feeding the mass into rotor. Grain tank with capacity of 340 bushel and enlarged worm are controlled from the cabin at loading and accumulating processes. The harvester is equipped with engine Cummins QSX 11.9 L with power of 490 h.p., which meets Tier 4 emission requirements.

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