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TORUM harvested the first 186 tons of cereals in America

30 June 2011

The rostselmash Company rotary harvester took a part in cereal threshing of new 2011 crop in USA. The first harvesting day, TORUM 760 operated in 5 km from Columbus (Indiana) demonstrated excellent results by threshing 186 tons of wheat for 9 hours of operation with efficiency of 21 t/hour.

TORUM innovational grain harvester was put into production in 2009. It is based on Advanced Rotor System principally new rotary threshing-separating device, which differs from existing rotary schemes by beater inclined chamber, stepless drive and rotating rotor deck. This scheme excludes clogging of thresher in adverse agricultural conditions, and significantly improves the machine efficiency.

Rostselmash produced three TORUM 760 rotary harvesters this year especially for North American market. They were made in three modifications: serial, full-drive, and semi-track chassis. The grain tank capacity was increased up to 12m3, the cabin was equipped with climate-control system, threshers with sieve electrical adjustment mechanisms and straw and chaff throwers. TORUM 760 was equipped with Cummins engines of new series QSX-11,9 (TIER IV i) in order to correspond the emission requirements.

The Rostselmash testing engineers and specialists of its affiliate Buhler (Canada) will attend the machines during the season. Among their tasks is not only technical support for the machines, but also collection of all the information on their operation for the purpose of further promotion of TORUM. Experts, who analyze the situation of the agricultural materiel market, suppose, that TORUM has a good potential for this purpose: last year, two harvesters already passed tests with positive results indicated in the report.

In 2010, two TORUM were operated in Canada in four farms at the end of July, and got a good evaluation not only from specialists of agricultural production, but also from farmers themselves. For example, farmer Kelly Maloney noticed high efficiency of the grain harvester and minimal losses, and Jeff Mathieson — the installed pneumatic system, which gives the harvester additional advantages. Roland Kirchner noticed that TORUM is very simple in controlling due to minimal set of buttons on control panel, and Chris Chandler — powerful and economy engine. All the four positively evaluated the stylish design of Rostselmash harvesters, which differs them from the usual harvesters of other manufacturers.

As per the experts, Rostselmash must strengthen its positions in the nearest season. The results of the first days show that this minimal program is practicable.

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