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Gazpromneft – Lubricating materials and Rostselmash concluded the agreement on strategic cooperation

30 September 2014

Within the frames of International Investment Forum Sochi-2014, Gazpromneft — Lubricating Materials Company and Rostselmash signed the agreement of strategic cooperation. Gazprom Neft oil business operator will be the exclusive supplier of lubricants for initial filling the Rostselmash materiel, as well as for its further servicing.

Gazpromneft — Lubricating Materials will develop, produce and deliver specialized motor, transmission and hydraulic oils, greases, coolants and other products for Rostselmash production lines, as well as its service centers. The Agreement also envisages testing and monitoring of oil operation, organizing of materiel manufacturer’s employees training, joint marketing projects.

Lubricants for agricultural materiel are produced under joint brand Rostselmash G-Profi. Their key advantages are high resistance to high temperature exposure and improved washing features. Such oil can be changed rarely in comparison with products intended for truck vehicles. In the future, Gazpromneft — Lubricating Materials plans to deliver Rostselmash G-Profi oil for retail sales through its own dealer chain.

«For us, the agreement with Rostselmash is the next step to realization of the company’s long-term strategy, which envisages the lubricants sales increase up to 633000 ton in 2025. That’s why the company improves its RAD base and develops unique products allowing us to expand our presence in new market niches», — noticed Alexander Trukhan, Director General of Gazpromneft — Lubricating Materials.

«Cooperation with Gazpromneft — Lubricating Materials was normal step within the frames of customer-oriented policy of Rostselmash. Uncompromised treatment to quality of the manufactured products determined the selection of reliable lubricants manufacturer. The agreement envisages development of exclusive products for the Rostselmash materiel, — noticed Alexei Shveitsov, Commercial Director of the Rostselmash Company. — If the general purpose oils were previously used for agricultural machines, now, all the Rostselmash materiel can get unique specialized decisions, from which, finally, the end user will benefit».

About us

Gazpromneft — Lubricating Materials LLC is the affiliate of Gazprom Neft dealing in production and sales of oils, greases and technical fluids. It was established in 2007. Gazpromneft — LM has five production facilities in Russia, Italy and Serbia. Total annual production capacity comprises more than 490000 tons of high-quality oils, greases and technical fluids. The company’s portfolio includes oils for gasoline and diesel engines of cars and trucks, transmission and hydraulic oils, industrial oils, servicing products and coolants under brands G-Energy and Gazpromneft, vessel oils under Texaco brand. Gazpromneft — LM has 14% of lubricants market in Russia, as well as works in markets of EU, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Middle East.

The Rostselmash Company is included into five largest world manufacturers of agricultural materiel. In 2014, the company will celebrate its 85-year anniversary. The production facilities are situated in the territories of Canada, Russia, USA, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The Rostselmash product line comprises more than 24 types of agricultural materiel, more than 150 models and modifications. These are TORUM, ACROS, VECTOR, and NIVA grain harvesters, DON 680M and RSM 1401 forage harvesters, VERSATILE self-propelled mower, tractors and sprayers, soil-processing, forage-preparation and other materiel. The machines are sold and serviced through the branched dealer network consisting of 500 dealer centers and their branches in 26 countries of the world.