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Rostselmash transferred to the new technology of painting the harvesters

31 January 2011

The harvesters completely painted under new technology, which cost several hundred million rubles to the company, started to leave the Rostselmash conveyor. Considering the world tendencies in development of agricultural machine-building and desires of its customers, the Rostselmash Company transferred to the new technology of painting with application of double-component lacquer-paint materials. It allows to provide the thickness of coating of surfaced to be painted of about 100 mcm, what corresponds to modern world standard.

The Rostselmash Company works continuously on increasing the reliability and other operating features of the products. Among them are improvement of corrosion resistance and appearance. It can be achieved by application of multilayer highly-filled coating on the basis of double-component material application in painting production. Due to the new technology, the painted parts got deep color, and, in case of their touching the painted harvester, reliability and integrity of coating is provided. Besides, the new technology allows significantly to increase the service life of the painted surfaces, especially in moderate and cold climate conditions.

The required level of the product corrosion resistance is provided due to several stages of part processing: degreasing, phosphatizing, and special washing cascade. Then, priming with application of double-component epoxy primers, and finish painting with double-component polyurethane enamels. Every layer is designed for each other and has the controlled thickness and good adhesion to the metal to be protected. Three-layer paint system is designed in such way, that every layer is important and necessary condition for getting high corrosion resistance.

In order to provide the preset level of corrosion resistance and other quality parameters, the enterprise has been transferred to high-quality components for surface preparation of Henkel company and lacquer-paint materials of PPG Industrials, which are suppliers for world manufacturers of vehicles: MAN, VOLVO, SCANIA trucks, GM and Toyota cars, John Deere, CNH, and Claas agricultural materiel.

In January 2011, the first harvesters painted under new technology, which completely meets the world standard, started to leave the enterprise conveyor.

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