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New Rostselmash Products for Serbian Farmers

27 May 2016

Rostselmash, a famous manufacturer of agricultural machinery, and its official representative in Serbia participated in NOVI SAD International Agricultural Fair that took place on 14–20 May in the city of Novi Sad, Serbia. The event was visited by about 1,500 companies from 60 countries.

Rostselmash exhibit displayed the main new product of 2015/2016 agricultural season – RSM 161 combine harvester. This model is powerful and unique and it surpasses its alternatives in terms of performance and threshing quality. The machine operates efficiently at complex conditions, especially in high humidity and impurity harvesting.

Rostselmash also displayed VECTOR 420 grain harvester in Serbia. This machine has already earned a place in farmers’ fleets.

The Fair has also confirmed the interest in RSM 1403 forage harvester.

Following the results of the Fair, it was noted that Serbia features a significant share of small farms, which will result in higher demand for 150–250 hp combine harvesters.

The agricultural fair is one of the regular ones (this year it was held for the 83rd time) and is respected and acknowledged by world leading agricultural-industrial companies. Slobodan Cvetkovic, the Director of the Fair said,It’s a great place to meet farmers from multiple Balkan Regions.