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Day of Poland in Rostselmash

30 May 2016

On 23 May the Polish delegation accompanied by official manufacturer’s local representative, examined the facility and its production.

The delegation visited the main conveyor, machinery exhibition centre, the central logistics hub, and the flexible technology section. The visitors studied the new product line by Rostselmash. RSM 161, the latest model, was also demonstrated among the other machinery.

The delegation included mostly Polish farmers. Two of the 19 farmers visiting Rostov purchased Rostselmash harvester before. Both of them have been successfully operating VECTOR 420 for 4 years. When asked what they liked most about the model, the Polish farmers rated the ownership efficiency as the first and foremost benefit followed by the lack of issues during the operation. According to the farmers, they are planning to expand the fleet soon, and the facility tour will allow them to make a justified choice of machinery. Jacek Kowalewski said, “I’m certainly planning to purchase. My sons have grown up already and they naturally want to work with high quality machinery, that’s why I’m planning to buy another VECTOR or an ACROS.”

For the farmers that have never worked with Rostselmash machinery before the visit tо the facility became a great opportunity to study the production capacity of Rostselmash directly, to assess the quality of the products, and to place their first orders.

“The machinery produced by Rostselmash has been steadily progressing at the Polish market. VECTOR 420 is the most popular and the most purchased model followed by ACROS 580 at rank two and TORUM 760 at rank three,” noted Sylvester Wilk, the representative of company’s distributor in Poland.

According to the distributor, the main issue is the specific nature of Polish agricultural industry.

“Russian farmers own plots of land with an area of 10 th. hectares and above, while Polish farmers usually own 100–200 hectares of land each. Currently there is a strong demand for small harvesters, and we look forward to the release and fast supplies of the latest model, i.e. an innovative Class 3 combined harvester that is expected to be launched soon,” added Mr. Wilk.

Following the results of the visit, the farmers have highly rated the production potential of Rostselmash and were pleased to note that the trip had made a positive impression on them.