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Rostselmash in South-Eastern European Market

7 June 2016

A group of Romanian farmers visited the main site of Rostselmash on May 25, immediately following the annual international exhibition - AgriPlanta - held in the Romanian town of Fundulea from May 19 to 22.


At the exhibition, Rostselmash presented its new line of machinery. The new superefficient RSM 161 became the hit of the show.

“Offering easy-maintenance machinery at affordable prices, Rostselmash has firmly secured its position in our country.

Many farmers have already appreciated the price-quality ratio of your equipment.

The peculiarity of Romanian households is that our fields are either too small or too large. Therefore, we were happy to see the new innovative solutions by Rostselmash,” said Florian Gelka, Director General of Pen Al agricultural holding, who was a member of the delegation.

Marinas Viorel, another member of the group, said that he missed the exhibition in Fundulea because of the heavy workload that year, but he was glad to take part in the visit to the production site.

To date, he has two VECTOR 420 to harvest his fields, but he is going to extend the fleet by the next agricultural year.

“I bought my first VECTOR in 2009, and the second one - in 2011. With them, my every workday is

a pleasure. I was amazed to see such a large-scale production site. I have learnt as much as I could about Rostselmash machinery, so I’m going to upgrade my fleet in the nearest future. This tour of the production site will help me, for sure,” Marinas explained.

The farmers noted that, besides exhibitions and demo tours, it was important to see the actual production. The main purpose of the visit to Rostselmash was to see the machinery production itself. During the tour, the farmers have an opportunity to learn the history of the Company’s phased development and literally live a day at a Rostselmash.

As part of the meeting, they can speak to experts and division heads of the producer, ask questions, and receive detailed explanations.

Openness to customers is a part of the company’s policy.