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Consul-General of Romania Visited Rostselmash

4 July 2016

Daniel Rasika, Consul-General of Romania, spent one day at Rostselmash as part of the similarly-named program.

The Consul-General checked out in person the scales of production. He visited the main technological stages, including the flexible manufacturing technology block, machines’ line assembly block, central logistics complex, and then followed the company’s history at the exposition complex and discussed the prospects for cooperation with the company’s management. After a detailed excursion at the company’s site, the Consul-General passed a test drive of the agromachines.

‘It was important for me to see myself the products manufactured by Rostselmash and how the manufacturing process flows. I will present everything I saw today as well as all materials I received from the company’s management to the Chamber of Commerce and Agricultural Commissions of my country,’ the Consul-General told after the visit.

The representatives of the Business Division of the Economics Department of Rostov-on-Don, organizer of the meeting, highlighted that Rostselmash had been chosen as one of the most known and successful companies of the South region of Russia and example of a positive experience of Russian-Romanian cooperation. Today the company regularly carries out supplies of machinery to Romania and has a partner in the country.

It is to be recalled that earlier a group of agrarians from Romania was first to visit Rostov-on-Don within the framework of One Day at Rostselmash program.

According to the specialists’ estimates, One Day at Rostselmash program is highly effective. Each visit results in purchase of a few tens of machinery units. ‘The efficiency is about 80 per cent,’ head of the dealer center in Romania clarified.