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Rostselmash carried out a demonstration tour for RSM 161 in Bulgaria

22 July 2016

RSM 161 harvester threshed 284 tons of grain and gathered more than a hundred applications from Bulgarian farmers.

The first production model of a new generation – RSM 161 – was manufactured a year ago.

A series of demonstration activities started on July 11 and covered 5 regions of Bulgaria. The route was made in such a way that each point of it could gather the farmers of the respective region.

Following the results of activities Rostselmash received more than hundred advance applications for purchase of harvesters in the new agricultural year.

Farmers were able to test RSM 161, assess its performance and obtain all necessary and detailed information about the machine from the company’s specialists.

“Harvester’s capabilities allowed carrying out a demonstration harvesting without a backward glance to the weather and proved that it works fine in any agro-climatic conditions. High content of impurities in the field, high humidity, soft soil, low-stem crops or, on the contrary, a high content of straw, laid grain, immature or over-ripe grain – all these circumstances, under which the field demonstration was carried out, once again emphasized the technical value of this machine,” commented the representative of Rostselmash company.

“We need a strong and durable harvesters. And RSM 161 is exactly the same. This machine is out of competition”, said Dimitar Machmganov, Director of AJD AGRO Ltd.effectiveness.

Farmers from all Bulgarian regions visited and praised its cost-effectiveness.