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Rsm 1403 Demo Tour in the Fields of Slovakia

21 September 2016

This September is seeing a massive campaign to present and showcase to Slovakian farmers the RSM 1403 forage harvester by Rostselmash, a leading manufacturer of farming machinery, and its technical advantages.

The RSM 1403 was first showcased near the city of Košice. During the demonstration the harvester was shown to farmers from across Slovakia.

RSM 1403 was highly appreciated by the audience, which is explained by its unsurpassed specifications.

Low cost, handling large amount of work within reduced time frames, high performance are the main advantages of this machine. The harvester cuts and picks up wilted crop from windrows, chops and loads into vehicles silage crops, including corn at the dough stage, sunflower and other coarse stalk crops, perennial and annual grasses, mixtures, sorghum.

Thanks to a well-though-out layout of the process path parts in RSM 1403, the crop flow is optimized throughout the processing stage. This improves power consumption of the machine and, consequently, ensures a high fuel efficiency.

Performance tests being conducted on RSM 1403 with various tillage equipment have repeatedly proved that this machine can operate both under normal and extreme conditions. Those Slovakian farmers who attended the Rostselmash’s demonstrations have had the chance to see it for themselves.