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Rostselmash Premieres at Agro Show-2016

28 September 2016

The largest exhibition in Russia will present the main novelties and trends of agricultural machinery.

Rostselmash is preparing a bright and eventful program for the main agrotechnological forum of the country that will take place in Moscow on October 4 to 7.

As the organisers note, the manufacturer’s stand will be the principal platform for demonstration and discussion of import substitution problems of agricultural engineering throughout the opening days of Agro Show.

The large-scale exposition of Rostselmash with the motto “Excellence of Technology” that will present certain products of work of the company’s team in this area is completely in tune with this topic.

Two premieres of new machines promise to become the main events of the exhibition. Thus, we will have a presentation of the forage harvester RSM F 2650, a representative of the series of Rostselmash third-generation forage harvesters. These machines featuring engines up to 650 h.p. are high-performance agricultural machines competing with western analogues in the power range from 500 h.p. to 699 h.p. The feeding unit of RSM F 2650 is equipped with a new attachment system allowing to use wide-coverage adapters (from 4 m to 7.5 m). The quick-attachment mechanism, the quick-release clutch of the adapter drive, as well as the location of the nosing-over frame on the feeder increase the technological process efficiency. The agricultural machine is provided with a hydraulic system that allows to change the cutting length of forage material. Unlike the mechanical system, this hydraulic system does not limit the number of variations in the range from 4 mm to 22 mm.  The new-generation forage harvesters have a great choice of optional equipment for the basic configuration, including automatic systems of monitoring and adjustment, which increases the performance and efficiency of the harvesters.

One more novelty is probably the most expected new 3-d class harvester. The machine name (NOVA) is indicative of the succession of generations. In the third-class segment, NOVA has a number of design advantages that increase the efficiency of operation of some assemblies and systems. Thus, the NOVA engine performance is by 20% (180 h.p.) higher than that of analogues, the area of cleaning is 1.5 times larger; the grain tank capacity of 4.5 m3 is also rather high,and the rate of unloading is 50 litres per second. All this ensures a high level of performance for this class of machine, which promises to be 15% higher than that of analogues.

Furthermore, the modern harvester has a comfortable two-seat cab, a wider selection of adapters for harvesting grain crops, legumes, and tilled crops.

The batch production of this model starts in 2017. The available versions will include four-wheel drive versions, versions with a stacker, a chopper as well as the engine in conformity with European environmental standards.  

Both the forage harvester RSM F 2650, and the grain harvester NOVA are based on a new global platform that originated from the double-drum sectional model RSM 161.

It was officially launched at Agro Show two years earlier, however the exposition of Rostselmash would not be full without it this year either. The three models gathered at one place give a deeper insight into opportunities of the new Rostselmash harvester platform, which serves a basis for the development of a series of grain and forage harvesters.

The official presentation of the Russian version of the tractor VERSATILE 2375, the production of which was fully relocated from Canada to Russia this year, promises to become an event of Agro Show. A high level of localisation allows to include the tractor in the list of machinery sold with the support of state grants, and the mass production allows to saturate the “hungry” Russian market with one of the most popular models in the country.

The trailed sprayer RSM TS 3200 Satellite and the harrow RSM DX 850 (8.8 m) are two more outstanding examples of implementation of the import substitution program. The organisation of their production at the Russian site was preceded by an efficient work of the company’s engineers. The design of units employs several revolutionary solutions aimed at increasing the reliability of certain assemblies and systems and the operational efficiency of machinery in general. 

Both the sprayer, and the harrow are already being mass-produced at the industrial site of Rostselmash in Rostov-on-Don.

The Rostselmash school of designers remains one of the strongest schools and has authority with world agricultural machine engineers. Guests of the corporate stand will be provided with the opportunity to get better acquainted with the best engineering solutions of the company offered over the last years. First of all, they include the developments that were awarded prizes at the Agro Show contest of innovations, i.e. the precision caterpillar drive of the tractor Versatile 460 Delta Track and the cleaning system OptiFlow of the grain harvester RSM 161, both awarded with the contest medals.

A total of over 30 samples of different types of machinery, certain systems and assemblies will be presented there. Guests of the corporate exposition will be able to have detailed consultations on each machine within all the four opening days of Agro Show.

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Multidimensional (5D) cleaning system of the grain harvester RSM 161

For the implementation of the new dimension in the field of cleaning - control of the clearance of threshing/sepearatng unit sieves.

The solution is based on innovative algorithmic control of sieve clearances, changeable position of the shaker shoe, variable air flow of the multi-sectional turbofan. Unlike the existing designs, it ensures the even distribution of the air flow depending on the sieve load level. It allows not to reduce the harvesting performance on slopes by 18% (max.) both in the longitudinal, and transversal directions. It increases the cleaning efficiency by 16% irrespective of the material distribution in the cleaning system and on the sieve surfaces.

For cleaning of the material, an OptiFlow double cascade cleaning system is used, which features a proprietary suspension for sieves with an area of 7.1 sq.m. A powerful optimized air flow, a great drop height, and the precleaner tine grid significantly improve the cleaning performance. The chaffer sieve uses the ‘wave’ sieve technology, i.e. fishbacks are of different sizes. This proprietary solution ensures a more even distribution of the air flow and prevents the clogging of highly bearded heads in the sieves. The cleaning system uses an electrically controlled double-flow turbofan, the speed of which is controlled from the cab and displayed on the control panel.

The cleaning of sieves and components is easy, the sieves can be quickly adjusted by the operator from the cab.

Precision caterpillar drive of the tractor Versatile 460 Delta Track

For the implementation of an unrivalled autonomous suspension for support rollers, which ensures the environmental safety and exceptional comfort without any additional shock-absorbtion means.

The caterpillar drive system for Versatile tractors is the most advanced solution in the industry. The main criteria in the basis of its design include simplicity of maintenance, structural reliability, durability of assemblies and parts.

The primary distinctive feature of Versatile caterpillar tractors is the unique design of the tandem frame of support rollers that has two degrees of freedom, which allows:

- to evenly distribute the tractor weight over the entire contact area;

- to reduce the compaction of soil;

- to increase the traction potential of the tractor;

- to increase the smoothness of driving over the slightly rough soil;

- to reduce the factor of slipping;

- to reduce the fuel consumption;

 - to decrease the operator’s fatigue and increase the operator’s performance.

 The track tension system does not require maintenance.