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The Time of Rostselmash’s Superiority of technology

12 October 2016

At AgroSalon-2016, Rostselmash presented the most large-scale and, perhaps, the most advanced exposition. More than 33 thousands of guests from different countries could judge over 30 samples of various types of equipment, special systems and assemblies.

The main premieres of the new season, i.e. the forage harvester RSM F 2650 and the 3-class grain harvester NOVA, which were developed on the basis of the Rostselmash global platform, were deservedly the most popular exhibits on the company’s stand.

- “We continue to make persistent efforts to create the series of grain and forage harvesters on the basis of the Rostselmash’s global platform,” Valery Maltsev, CEO of the company, explained. – “We plan to offer the most efficient solutions to increase the profitability of the agricultural business. Each consumer, each farm will find its machine in our product range.”

Apart from the rich exposition of equipment, the company presented a number of solutions relating to electronic systems. First of all, the Agrotronic innovation system for remote monitoring and management of operations of agricultural machinery with a parametric testing module.

Agrotronic is the latest solution of the company, which is already installed in all Rostselmash machines beginning from Class 5. Throughout the year 2017, the system will be available for the buyers of machines of relevant classes free of charge, within a special campaign (the grace period of use for the whole forthcoming harvesting season). The electronic options will allow not only improving the quality of work in general, but also reducing expenses by more than 15 percent.

The provided solutions constitute the beginning of a new stage of development of agricultural machinery. Rostselmash continues to do its best to improve the product range and, therefore, confirm its leading position in the world agricultural machinery. Thus, the precision caterpillar drive of the tractor Versatile 460 Delta Track and the 5D cleaning system OptiFlow of the grain harvester RSM 161 won prestigious prizes at the professional Contest of Innovative Equipment.


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Information on AgroSalon-2016 Novelties

RSM F 2650 - high-performance forage harvester. Equipped with a 632 h.p. engine. The feeding unit features a new attachment system that allows using wide-coverage headers (from 4 m to 7.5 m). The new machine is provided with a hydraulic system that allows to change the cutting length of forage material. Unlike the mechanical system, this hydraulic system does not limit the number of variations in the range from 4 mm to 22 mm. RSM F 2650 has a varied optional equipment for the basic configuration, including automatic monitoring and adjustment systems, which increases the performance and the operational efficiency of the harvesters. The batch production of the harvester is scheduled in 2018.


NOVA grain harvester - the most advanced 3rd (“compact”) class harvester in the world. It takes account for all the desires and requirements of farmers for this kind of machines. A perfect combination of performance, reasonable price, and low operation costs are the advantages of this new machine. It is an ideal solution for farmers and small farms. Compactness and maneuvrability make this harvester indispensable for the efficient operation on small fields with complex contours. Furthermore, the NOVA harvester has a comfortable two-seat cab, a wider selection of headers for harvesting grain crops, legumes, and tilled crops. The batch production of this model starts in 2017. The available versions will include four-wheel drive versions, versions with a stacker, a chopper as well as the engine in conformity with latest environmental standards.