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Rostselmash Continues to Supply Agricultural Machines to Egypt

19 October 2016

At the Sahara International Agricultural Exhibition being held in Cairo, Rostselmash exhibits the harvester Vector 410, which has previously passed the test on Egyptian fields and has been granted the certificate by the Ministry of Agriculture of Egypt.

“This year, we decided to bring our combine. It has been already used in harvesting wheat on Egyptian fields. It has been granted the certificate by the Ministry of Agriculture of Egypt, which allows using the machine in the country”, Mr. Feisal Ode, the regional sales manager in North Africa and Asia, said.

According to him, the Russian machine aroused interest in Egypt. “Representatives of various ministries, the Minister of Agriculture visited us”, the representative of Rostselmash noted. He explained that Egypt plans to implement the project of reclaiming new farmlands over the area of 1.5 million hectares to grow wheat in the south of the country in partnership with a number of state authorities. It is exactly for such projects that the Russian machinery designed to work on vast areas may be of service.

Rostselmash also considers the possibility of having the machinery assembled in Egypt, in particular, on the premises of the Russian industrial area in Egypt, the construction of which is being discussed by the governments of the two countries.