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Rostselmash at AGRO SHOW-2017

1 March 2017

Rostselmash and Lupus, its official representative in Poland took part in the International Agricultural Exhibition AGRO SHOW-2017 that took place in Ostróda.

The focus of Rostselmash display stand was on the harvester VECTOR 425. According to the representatives of Rostselmash, VECTOR is an optimal solution for small fields. With an average harvested area of 750 ha per season, a low cost of ownership, and efficient performance, this harvester is the most efficient tool for solving the tasks of farm enterprises.

“Hospitality, friendliness, and willingness to receive many guests at the stand prove expertise of our Company and are a kind of “thank you” for our customers. We are open to communicate with new partners and ready to show our professionalism in any market environment. We are optimistic despite of the difficult economic situation. Many enterprises try to service their machinery properly. The role of the after-sale service department is of great importance now, and we pay much attention to that,” — Silvester Wilk, the official representative of Rostselmash in Poland commented on the participation in the exhibition.

Following the exhibition, the representative of Rostselmash provided comments on the further activities in Poland: “We are willing to become a stable and reliable partner for our customers regardless of the crisis or good economic climate outdoors. This is a long-term perspective. As to a short-term one, we want to build a well-coordinated team of skilled professionals. Of course, our priority is to provide high-quality services, because otherwise you will not get a niche in the agricultural machinery market. Another priority is leasing and expanding dealership centres and creating a developed infrastructure. It may probably be the second important issue along with the service staff. Business development cannot do without grounds for warehouses of spare parts, the service staff, and a workshop. This proves our serious attitude and willingness to work on a long-term basis in this field, and certainly that we are a reliable partner for our customers.”