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Lithuanian Agrarians Put Rostselmash’s Agricultural Machinery to Extensive Use

17 April 2017

For several years now, Rostselmash has been supplying Lithuania with its grain harvesters and other agricultural machinery.

“As the country’s agricultural modernisation partner, our company aims at supplying Lithuanian households with not just new and reliable, but also state-of-the-art machines, which, considering challenging agro-climatic conditions, will enable the households to push profitability on to the next level sooner,” a representative of Rostselmash noted.

The greatest and most important agricultural exhibition in Lithuania called “As You Sow ... 2017” has become a perfect opportunity for agrarians to see recent innovations in the global agricultural machinery industry first hand.

As an exhibitor, Rostselmash made a special product display for the attendees involved in agricultural production. It included the innovative grain harvester RSM 161 featuring the unique TETRA Processor system for gentle and super-efficient threshing, the latest-generation rotor-type harvester TORUM demonstrating an impressive potential in terms of threshing yield, the upgraded forage harvester RSM 1403, and other agricultural machinery.

“These models have good prospects in the local market. When attending the booth of Rostselmash, visitors expressed strong interest in our machines. With the new harvesting season coming up, we received more than ten requests for our machinery,” concluded the dealer’s representative.