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Welcome to Slovakia!

2 May 2017

Farmers of the Republic purchased Rostselmash combine harvesters and ordered more. On the threshold of the new cropping season, the dealer of the company in Slovakia invited its loyal and new customers for a Doors Open Day.

The guests were offered an onsite presentation of a range of harvesting machinery, including combine harvesters RSM 161, ACROS 595, VECTOR 425, and a towed sprayer. The technical presentation was led by Ján Jech, a professor of an agricultural university, a Doctor of Engineering, and an academic advisor widely recognized in Slovakia and well respected in the field of agriculture. The Doors Open Day was also attended by a representative of IKB Leasing, who told the visitors of the company’s financial products and funding options available for farmers acquiring Rostselmash agricultural equipment. Apart from the business section of the event, the organisers conducted a lottery for the guests. The top prize, i. e. a prepaid (all inclusive) trip to Russia under the One Day at Rostselmash program was won by Janicek Eugen of Agro L (Horovce).

The event attracted 124 farmers. Considering the small capacity of the Slovakian market with just up to 50 combine harvesters a year, this is a tangible figure, which signifies the growing popularity of the Russian brand in Europe. The results of the Doors Open Day are indicative of good prospects for Rostselmash in the local market. The event offered an opportunity for the farmers to make a beneficial contract for the purchase of highly efficient and inexpensive machinery. As a consequence, all the machines displayed at KomAgrartechnik were shipped to their new owners on the same day.