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Rostselmash’S Machinery in Croatia: Efficient Solutions in Agricultural Machine Building

10 May 2017

Rostselmash and its authorized representative in Croatia took part in the Bjelovar International Agricultural Fair held last week in Bjelovar, Croatia. The total number of visitors representing agricultural enterprises reached around 50,000 people.

Rostselmash exhibited its last season’s landmark innovation, i. e. the grain harvester RSM 161. Powerful and unique, it surpasses many of its competitors in terms of capacity and threshing quality. The machine demonstrates high performance in applications characterised by complex soil conditions, high humidity levels and high impurity content.

Furthermore, in Croatia Rostselmash also displayed its grain harvester VECTOR 420. This machine has already earned a place in the fleets of Balkan agrarians.

The fair has also confirmed visitors’ interest in the forage harvester RSM 1403.

At the conclusion of the fair, it was pointed out that Croatia features a significant share of small farms, which is likely to give rise to higher demand for 150–250 hp combine harvesters.

This agricultural fair is one of the traditional events with the first one dating back to 1995, and is rightly respected and acknowledged by Croatia’s leading enterprises. According to a representative of Rostselmash’s dealer, “The Bjelovar Fair exhibits the latest advancements in science and technology in various fields, especially in agriculture, and Rostselmash is a case in point.”