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RSM 161 for Agrarians of Bulgaria

17 July 2017

RSM 161 grain harvester (a new model from Rostselmash line of harvesters) is still on its successful display tour around the EU countries. Scheduled presentations were held in Bulgaria. Following their results, the Bulgarian farmers are executing the first agreements for purchase of these machines.

Displays were held in the districts of Rousse and Lovech and attracted attention of heads of about 100 prosperous farms. A display of the machines was arranged for the farmers. The harvesters also operated in the field, where the event participants could estimate the threshing process.

Watching the machine performance and estimating the quality of the harvested grain, the Bulgarian farmers gave a high appraisal of the new harvester. Following the results of the held displays, the partner of Rostselmash showed a great interest in RSM 161. There are orders for purchase of the first three machines already. The dealer company is sure that by the end of the season this figure will have grown considerably. 

In the near future, four more displays will be held in Bulgaria. Besides RSM 161 harvesters, the capabilities of TORUM harvesters will be demonstrated to the farmers.