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TORUM Demonstration Tour in the Fields of Romania

25 July 2017

During a special tour, TORUM 760 harvester threshed 200 tons of grain, and over a hundred orders for its purchase were received from the agrarians of Romania.

The demonstration tour started in July, and its route passed via all the regions of the country. The tour was arranged in special route just to involve the agrarians of the neighbouring regions at each of its points.

Following the results of the events held, Rostselmash received preliminary orders for purchase of agricultural machines in the new farming year.

The agrarians could see the performance of TORUM 760 harvesters, assess its operational characteristics and obtain the required and detailed information on the model from the Company experts.

- The capabilities of this model allowed for demonstration threshing practically irrespective of the weather, thus proving perfect performance of the machine in any agroclimatic conditions. High weediness of the field, high humidity, soft soil, low stalk crops, or, vice versa, high straw content, lodged grain, immature or overripe grain — all these conditions of the field demonstrations emphasised the technical value of this model all over again, — a representative of Rostselmash noted.

- We need powerful and enduring harvesters. TORUM 760 is just the choice. This machine is beyond competition, — Ignat Heorescu, Director of Agricola Herasti admitted.