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KORBANEK SP Z.O.O.becomes an authorised partner of ROSTSELMASH in Poland

4 August 2017

The agricultural machinery manufacturer ROSTSELMASH has signed a dealership agreement with KORBANEK SP Z.O.O.

The partners believe that integrating efforts will make the quality and high-performance agricultural machinery more available for the Polish farmers, and ultimately allow them to increase the agricultural production output.

According to Sales Director of Rostselmash Aleksey Shveytsov, the dealership agreement with KORBANEK SP Z.O.O. fully corresponds with the company’s export policy at the Polish market, which, first of all, envisages excellent technical support of the Rostselmash machinery, full coverage of the country’s territory with trade and service outlets, and maximum availability of the band production for the end users.

KORBANEK SP Z.O.O. has a wide branching network of 20 sales and servicing points, including headquarter in Tarnowo Podgórnein the main seeding regions of the country, which provides for 100% coverage of the territory of Poland. The dealer will also run a well equipped service facility for technical and repair works sufficiently stuffed with required specialists. 

For the Polish company this agreement means redefining its business. KORBANEK SP Z.O.O. has more than once declared its willingness to cooperate with a manufacturer capable of making and supporting a full-line offer for the farmers. And ROSTSELMASH has become such a partner.

The machinery by ROSTSELMASH covers the full scope of farming operations – from tillage and crop tending to harvesting and preservation of the crop. ROSTSELMASH is an acknowledged expert in grain harvesters of the capability classes 3 – 8, and forage harvesters with capacity of up to 700 hp; traditional and frame-steered tractors; self-propelled and trailer sprayers. ACROS and VECTOR grain harvesters, the RSM series forage harvesters and VERSATILE tractors of various product families are mostly popular with the Polish farmers.

The partners have mapped out the short-term strategy. There are new production, joint machinery presentation at exhibitions, demonstrations and lots of other events expected.