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High-Performance Agricultural Machines for Slovakia

2 October 2017

DEN POLA Agricultural Exhibition was held in Slovakia. Rostselmash presented RSM 1403 forage harvester and the entire range of the vehicles to the agrarians and visitors of the Exhibition.

- Slovakia is an industrial and agrarian country, and its agriculture features a number of branches. Practically a half of Slovakian land is used for growing agricultural crops, and 40% is forest area. Rostselmash agricultural machines are in great demand among the agrarians of Slovakia, — a representative of Rostselmash commented.

An RSM 1403 forage harvester was delivered to a farm right from the Exhibition.

- That’s a good harvester!Mikhail Tselik, Director of Agrion Farm resumed after making observations of the machine operation. - That’s exactly what we need. The forage crops procurement period is very short, and the areas used for forage procurement are quite vast, so today, that’s the high-performance machinery we need.