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Vladimir Putin visits Rostselmash’s main manufacturing site

1 February 2018

Vladimir Putin visits Rostselmash’s main manufacturing site


Russian President Vladimir Putin came to Rostov-on-Don to see new equipment by Rostselmash.

 The President toured the site with Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, Rostselmash Chair Konstantin Babkin, and company’s CEO Valery Maltsev.

 V. Putin first looked at the workflow in the tractor assembly building and saw finished machines. The President was also shown the grain harvester simulator which, like an aircraft simulator, is a mockup of the machine cab with a display fitted in place of the windscreen, which produces a digital image of field operations. This simulator module modelling the combine behaviour in various operating conditions can be used to train both agricultural students at colleges and staff at real farms.

 Vladimir Putin tried out the grain harvester cab simulator. He “started” the virtual machine and proceeded to “harvesting”, following a company’s representative’s instructions. “If I don’t make it on the 18th of March, I’ll become a combine operator,” he joked [March 18 is the date of the upcoming presidential elections in Russia.]

 The President was also shown the monitoring system in action, which allows acquiring various real-time data from each machine (amount of crop threshed, amount of fuel, soil properties etc.) This system is used by agricultural business managers, as well as by engineers, agronomists and other staff; for Rostselmash team this is a tool to promptly learn about potential service issues.

 During the tour around the manufacturing site, Mr. Babkin told the President how the Rostselmash’s lineup had been evolving since 2011, noting that today the company turns out 150 models and versions of equipment. He also said that the Government’s initiatives - to support export, R&D activities, etc. - are proving to be effective. “And it is commonly acknowledged that such support pays back to the state,” said the chairman.

 Having seen the tractor assembly building, the President walked towards the combine assembly line where he was presented another new product by Rostselmash, TORUM 785 grain harvester.

 Following the visit to the Rostselmash’s manufacturing site, Vladimir Putin chaired a meeting of the State Council Presidium on industrial capacity building in Russian regions.