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One Day at Rostselmash for Romanian Growers

20 November 2018

Under the One Day at Rostselmash campaign, growers from Romania were able to visit the main production site in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, and to see for themselves all the manufacturing processes used by Rostselmash to build its farming equipment, and to learn about advanced production technologies, to have their questions answered and their suggestions heard.

Every year the delegation is composed of those from large and medium-size farms in the Republic of Romania, with many having already purchased Rostselmash’s equipment and effectively using it in their fields, while others are just planning additions to their fleets, but the thing that they all have in common is the commitment to the development of their farming businesses at a new high-tech level.

 “The cost of Rostselmash’s harvesting equipment is way more affordable than the competition even considering discounts offered. And the specifications of Rostselmash’s combine harvesters meet all the requirements for a good harvest. 

The Romanian growers were able to confirm this personally, and the visit to the production site helped many to make the choice,” said a dealer’s representative.

The growers visited the shop, saw the expo ground, met company’s experts who told them about changes
in the Rostselmash’s product portfolio and design features of the equipment the factory turns out
and some models, considering the specific climatic and farming conditions typical of the guests’ native lands.


“We want a tractor that will be doing a decent job on our hilly terrain. The RSM 2375 by Rostselmash comes preconfigured for installation of duals, which is fine for our terrain, and the tractor’s specifications that we saw fully suit us. After the visit, the choice is clear, the RSM 2375,” shared his impressions Petre Kostel, SC Agrodalia SRL CEO.