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Romanian Growers Go for Rostselmash Tractors

26 November 2018

Rostselmash has held a series of exhibitions in Europe, including INDAGRA 2018 in Romania.

 Equipment put on display by Rostselmash comprised this season’s main newcomers - the 1000 Series 290 model tractor and the NOVA grain harvester. For instance, 

a 1000 Series tractor with a 10.7m wide seeding system attached set a record in July - the largest area drilled per fuel tank (58.5 ha).

 This agricultural exhibition is among the traditional ones 

and is rightly respected and recognised by global leaders in the agricultural industry.

 “The display has been made up based on the results of a personal survey among potential customers so as to include the most popular farming machines and equipment,” said Mikhai Ignat from a Rostselmash dealer.

 “At the Rostselmash’s stand, we have found all the solutions for field operations we need. To get high yields, the existing fleet has to be renewed on a regular basis, says Keveris Aivars, Director of Meldri. The quality of harvest and productivity, coupled with the affordable cost of ownership, are the key measures of the harvesting process. These parameters make Rostselmash equipment second to none.”